Each Job Every Day: Senior Technical Analysts

Gene Webster shines where many struggle. His passion is helping people who are wrestling with new technology and applications.

“It’s the unseen efforts in an organization that can make the biggest impact in the community we serve,” says Gene.

As a senior technical analyst with the Technology Service Center (TSC), Gene’s main goal was to provide the right information to the right people at the right time, while using the right skills. Analysts must be familiar with new technology to make sure caregiving crews have the best tools prior to the need, in order to save and improve lives.

What they do

Senior technical analysts handle a lot of information, above and beyond answering technical calls.

IT is spread out among 40 different departments focusing on separate applications and areas within Fairview and University of Minnesota Health. The TSC is a hand-selected group of 28 individuals, including 17 agents, five senior technical analysts, two senior analysts, one lead analyst, two supervisors and one manager.

Fairview hosts an estimated 1200 applications in our database. The analysts and TSC have nearly 2500 knowledge articles to support these applications.  As technologies develop, the TSC has to stay up to date, recognize symptoms of failure, know basic troubleshooting and more.

Analysts work together to make sure the agents have what they need, in terms of knowledge articles and information.

Things like job aids, provided by a subject matter expert in collaboration with a senior technical analyst and knowledge coordinator, Karen Kelly, which provide access to step-by-step instructions for resolving or effectively triaging issues.

Analysts have a large network of colleagues around the system who share new processes and technologies with them. It is the job of the analyst to bring the new information back to Karen. She will then review the knowledge articles before they are published into the knowledge base.

“In many ways, my role is like that of a librarian,” says Karen. “I spend a lot of time and effort making sure that information is accessible, correct and easy to find. The knowledge base is a resource that touches everyone in Fairview whether directly or indirectly.”

Each analyst focuses on specific key areas and projects. Gene, for example, pulls Service Desk data for daily reporting and ad-hoc requests, and assists with the application change management process, in addition to the duties described above.

Why they do it

Karen started in the IT department as the receptionist before her current role. “Customer service was always important to me, but as I learned more, I saw the importance of IT and quality customer service in health care,” says Karen.

For Gene, the best part of his job was being able to give back to the great organization that has served him and his family. Gene has received lifesaving care from Fairview on two occasions.

Gene was treated for alcoholism by Fairview Recovery Services. The chemical dependency team educated him on addiction, recovery and symptoms of relapse, lessons that he still follows today.

Later, Gene was helped by the gastroenterology team when an old injury resulted in a new diagnosis. Gene learned he had hepatitis C, likely from medical treatment and blood transfusions he received 22 years prior at another health system.

Gene was on a medical regimen for almost three years, to no avail. Last year, his care team notified him of a new treatment that was proving highly successful in African Americans who are more resistant to the standard medications.

“The excellent team at University of Minnesota Medical Center treated me and I am now proud to say I am hepatitis C free with no residuals,” says Gene. “I am eternally grateful to the healers and helpers here at Fairview.”

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