8 Ways Your Donations Are Meeting Our Greatest Needs

From connecting seniors to community companions to incorporating music therapy into hospital stays, many of Fairview’s programs and services will be getting a financial boost thanks to donors to Fairview Foundation’s Greatest Need Fund. More than $250,000 in funding was approved by Fairview Foundation’s Board of Directors last quarter to support nine programs, each designed to drive a healthier future for those we serve.

Generous donations allow us to provide support to programs that increase quality, improve patient experience and lower the cost of care.

How donations are driving a healthier future

  • Strengthen community mental health trainings. With additional resources and funding, Fairview’s Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid programs will be able to continue the important work of educating community members on how to interact with a person in a mental health crisis and connect him or her with professional help.
  • Provide better patient care. Physicians at University of Minnesota Medical Center will use funds to purchase a new ultrasound machine. The new equipment will allow them to perform procedures leading to faster diagnoses, shorter hospital stays and higher patient satisfaction.
  • Offer a more supportive labor and delivery experience. Doulas will now be available to provide support during labor and delivery for women age 18 or under at Fairview Lakes Medical Center who have little to no family support and may not have had access to prenatal care or pre-labor preparation resources. Doulas provide essential emotional support, education and one-on-one care to pregnant women during and after delivery.
  • Aid in patient rehabilitation and recovery. Patients at Maple Grove Specialty Rehab will have more resources on the road to a safe, speedy recovery, thanks to added machines and equipment.
  • Create a medical music therapy program. Music will be in the air at Fairview Ridges Hospital. The new music therapy program aims to reduce chronic pain, increase immune functions and promote psychological and emotional resiliency for patients. The gift of music will also be brought to University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital to help alleviate children’s pain, elevate moods, promote movement for physical rehabilitation and even improve sleep.
  • Connect seniors with community companions. Fairview Ridges Hospital will partner with Lutheran Social Services to provide companions to offer home visits for senior patients who have limited social support. These volunteer companions will provide patients with healthy lifestyle education, patient advocacy, social support, and help navigating the healthcare system.
  • Establish a Somali Cultural Health Day. Fairview will offer a day of concentrated learning, information exchanging and cultural education to help staff better understand the health and care needs of the Somali community in the Twin Cities.
  • Improve cancer patient comfort. For many cancer patients, receiving IV infusions can take four to six hours per session, leading to discomfort on top of their already existing pain. Patients at the University of Minnesota Cancer Care and Infusion Center at Fairview Ridges Hospital will receive new, relaxing reclining chairs, increasing comfort, patient satisfaction and safety.

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