How We’re Making Emergency Department Visits Less Stressful

Emergency Department visits can be stressful—to say the least.

At Fairview Range Medical Center’s Emergency Department and Urgent Care, we strive to ensure patients receive care that minimizes worry and unease. Results from patient surveys show our efforts are having an impact. We are rated at the 75 percentile nationally for patient experience results.

I’d like to share three specific ways we’re making a difference:

New and improved registration and expanded urgent care hours

    • We updated our registration process to make it more efficient and effective. Patients now first go to our registration desk (unless they may be suffering from an emergency condition), rather than reporting to a triage nurse, freeing up resources and aiding a smoother patient visit.
    • We have reduced the average time from arrival to being placed in a room from 20 minutes to 13 minutes. With this change, patients are now not only roomed faster, but have quicker access to a provider, and ultimately, spend less time in the Emergency Department.
    • We increased our Urgent Care hours, so that patients with less critical health care needs can be conveniently served and can avoid a more expensive trip to the Emergency Department.

Real-time patient feedback

    • We are asking our patients and their families for patient experience feedback while they are in our hospital and closely tracking their responses.
    • We hold ourselves accountable for making quick adjustments based on this feedback and for analyzing longer-term trends that guide overall improvement efforts.

Integration of behavioral health services

    • We’ve integrated social workers into the Emergency Department care team. This improves our ability to care not only for patients’ physical needs but also their psychosocial needs.

We are incredibly proud of the work we’re doing to improve the patient experience. Yet, as always, there are opportunities to be even better.

If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can help you meet your health care needs, I invite you to share your comments on this blog.

Deb Boardman, FACHE

CEO, Fairview Range and Fairview North Region President

Deb Boardman, FACHE, provides leadership to the geographic region spanning from Wyoming, Minn., north to the Canadian border. This region includes Fairview Lakes, Fairview Northland and Fairview Range medical centers. Deb has spent her career working in—and promoting issues important to—rural health care. She has been active in national, state and local health care-related organizations, including the American Hospital Association regional policy board and the Minnesota Hospital Association board, where she served for more than a decade on several committees and as board chair. She has been a member of governor-appointed task forces on rural health care issues and has testified before state and federal legislative bodies. Deb also has served on various civic and community boards and currently is secretary of the Minnesota Safety Council board.

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