Beyond The Doctor's Office: 9 Ways Education Brings Healthier Lives

Knowledge is power and we’re sharing what we know to drive a healthier future for our patients and our neighbors, providing the support, tools and information necessary to help them live longer, healthier lives.

“We’re working to improve the health of the broader communities around each of our hospitals,” says Ann Ellison, Fairview director of community health and church relations. “To accomplish that, we educate those we serve—not just in our hospitals and clinics, but anywhere the need exists.”

Spotlight Education Infographic

Highlights include:

  • Fairview brought Mental Health First Aid, an evidence-based program of the National Council for Behavioral Health, to our communities and certified 320 people last year alone.
  • We collaborated with area school districts to provide Lifelines suicide prevention training to educators and school administrators.
  • Fairview partners with other groups to operate Health Commons, community-based drop-in wellness centers offering health classes and resources in two high-need neighborhoods.
  • Our community health workers help bridge cultural and linguistic barriers, expand access to care and improve overall health outcomes, including our Latino Colon Cancer Prevention Project.

“We’ve reached populations that others have said they can’t reach—people who are new to this country or don’t have access to health care in the same way that many of us do,” Ann says. “Through our community education efforts, we’ll continue to strive to provide high-quality care for all, at the bedside and in the community.”

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