4 Myths About Weight Loss Surgery

By Melissa Dvorak, a physician assistant in weight loss surgery and obesity medicine for Fairview Health Services.

Weight loss surgery can help people live longer, healthier lives. People have lots of questions about it, and the answers out there aren’t always accurate. Here are four myths we hear most often about weight loss surgery—and the facts beyond the fiction.

Myth 1: Weight loss surgery is incredibly dangerous.

Fact: While all surgery has the potential for complications, today’s weight loss surgeries at Fairview are minimally invasive. Most last between one and two-and-a-half hours, followed by one to two days in the hospital, with care by nurses experienced in weight loss surgery.

In 2014, research showed laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery (a common type of weight loss surgery) in patients with type 2 diabetes was comparable to some of the safest and most commonly performed surgeries in America, including appendectomies and total knee replacements.

Myth 2: Weight loss surgery is an easy shortcut to weight loss.

Fact: Weight-loss surgery is often the best option to avoid the serious health complications that can come from carrying excess weight. Success after surgery also requires significant lifestyle changes.

We follow the National Institute of Health guidelines for this surgery, and not everyone is a candidate. Learn more about our qualifications and calculate your BMI.

Myth 3: After weight loss surgery, patients are on their own and have trouble eating.

Fact: At Fairview, we’re partners with patients in their success. We make sure patients get the physical, emotional and social care they need after surgery through regular check-ups, nutrition plans and support groups.

We also know that food isn’t the enemy. We help patients with their nutrition choices so they can enjoy food in a new way and keep the weight off.

Myth 4: Weight loss surgery is never covered by insurance.

Fact: Fairview’s credentialed surgery center is a preferred provider for many insurance companies, and our staff are experts at working with patients and insurance companies to cover this procedure.

Contact your insurance provider to understand your benefits, and contact us with any questions at 952-915-8626.

Want to learn if weight loss surgery is right for you?

Upcoming information sessions with our weight loss surgeons can help you decide if weight loss surgery is right for you. Register here.

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