Meet Fairview Foundation’s new president, Janet Stacey, MBA

Janet Stacey, MBA, joined Fairview Health Services this week as President of Fairview Foundation. We caught up with Janet to ask her 5 questions to help friends of Fairview get to know her.

1. What attracted you to Fairview?
When my family and I moved to the Twin Cities from Austin, TX, nine years ago, we turned to Fairview Clinics for our care. I experienced the exceptional care Fairview offers first-hand, and I’ve been a patient ever since. As I learned about Fairview’s close partnership with the University of Minnesota, I became an even bigger fan of what this system has to offer our community. In my new position as president of Fairview Foundation, I am excited to increase awareness of what Fairview contributes to our community and build strong partnerships with the donors who make it happen. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

2. What most inspires you about the work Fairview Foundation is doing?
Two things come to mind. First is Fairview’s extensive community outreach. As one of the largest systems in the state, Fairview touches millions of lives each year. My perception as a community member and patient has always been that Fairview makes an extra effort to be engaged in the community, listening and partnering—whether that’s Fairview’s MINI clinics that offer free flu immunizations or programs like Youth Grief Services that help families heal after the death of a loved one.

Second, I’ve long been impressed by Fairview’s strong partnership with the University of Minnesota, and the system-wide commitment to innovation and research. In fact, the commitment runs so deep here that innovation is actually one of the five values that guide Fairview’s 22,000 employees. I think innovation is hard-wired into the culture here, and it shows.

Fairview Foundation plays a huge role in supporting these areas by helping to share stories with the community and building partnerships with donors who want to advance this good work.

3. What are you most looking forward to in your new position?

I’m looking forward to connecting with the amazing donors who support Fairview.  I’m excited to gain a deeper understanding of what’s important to this group of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have chosen to invest in our organization philanthropically.

I come to my new position with an extensive background in public relations and business development, and a deep commitment to the community through my service on philanthropic boards. In my career, I’ve focused on helping health care organizations across the country shape and tell their stories. It is a privilege to be entrusted with helping to share Fairview’s story.

4. What does Fairview’s vision “Driving a healthier future” mean to you, personally?

To me, our vision means that no matter where you are on your health care journey, Fairview is your partner. Driving a healthier future is all about improving quality of life – one person at a time and for the community as a whole. The future of health care calls for Fairview to not only expertly care for medical needs as they arise—although that is critically important—but to also help people get healthier and stay healthy throughout their lives.

5. How do you recharge your batteries?

I enjoy being in nature. I love looking out at all the calmness the world has to offer. Taking a moment to find that moment of calm in our hectic lives is really important to me, whether I’m hiking, gardening or walking and biking around the lakes. I will admit, however, I am not a winter person!

When I’m not outdoors, I love music and theater and enjoying the vibrant arts and culture scene the Twin Cities has to offer.

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