Saving Laurie

Laurie Swiler celebrates two birthdays—her actual birthday and April 26, the day that she dodged death after nearly dying from a brain aneurysm. Fortunately for Laurie, she was rushed to Fairview Southdale Hospital, where she received exceptional care and was not only saved, but put on track for a full recovery.

A day just like any other

Laurie, a mother of four, was working out at her gym when she suddenly felt nauseous and dizzy. “At first, I was just nervous about drawing attention to myself, but as they called the paramedics and I lost the ability to move my legs, I knew in my gut it wasn’t good,” says Laurie.

Exceptional care

Laurie remembers being taken to Fairview Southdale and a care team jumping in to diagnose and save her, but that is where her memories end. What happened next lives on only in the experiences of the family and friends who witnessed her treatment and recovery.

At the hospital, Laurie’s aneurysm was immediately identified, emergency surgery was performed to remove a small piece of her brain and to stop the bleed, and resulting complications were quickly managed.

While the details may be fuzzy, what her husband, Greg, remembers most is the amazing care that Laurie received from the Fairview Southdale staff.

“The emergency room staff and the attending doctors treated Laurie as if she were a sister or a close relative,” he says. “It’s hard to describe how safe that made me feel.”

“I’m still here”

After 27 days in the ICU, Laurie was finally on the pathway to health. Unlike the majority of aneurysm survivors, Laurie now has only the most minor of lasting effects. Today, she is an avid golfer and a small business owner, and she still enjoys working out at that same fateful gym.

That’s why Laurie decided to make a gift in support of the new Carl N. Platou Emergency Center.  “My children still have me. My husband still has me. I am whole because of the magnificent care I received,” says Laurie. “I’m not sure I would be standing here today without their care, and I am so grateful for everyone who joins me in giving to make this important work possible.”

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