Fairview's Retiree Club keeps former employees connected

The number of employees nearing retirement age is on the rise, and we are stepping up our efforts to meet those growing needs. While Fairview’s HR team is leading the charge, one group in particular is helping guide and shape that vision. The Retiree Club, which formed more than a decade ago, is a group of around 50 former employees who meet on a regular basis to re-connect, volunteer and stay informed about what’s happening at Fairview.

“While I was ready to retire from my job, I was not ready to let go of the hospital,” says Susan Weisz, a former Transplant Financial Case Manager who retired in 2010. “We all value what we accomplished as employees, but we still have a lot to offer, so attending the meetings is fun and enlightening for me,”

The club meets the third Thursday of each month for two hours, with the majority of those meetings consisting of time to eat, socialize and listen to guest speakers.

Brad Nelson, director Human Resources Center of Expertise, was the most recent guest speaker at the meeting and laid out a number of initiatives members of several human resources teams are working to accomplish. From Fidelity-led retirement seminars to classes for employees and training for managers to additional resources and information posted to the Intranet, Nelson says he hopes these efforts will make a difference for those who need the guidance and support.

“The Retiree Club helped these efforts by providing us feedback on their individual experiences when pursuing retirement,” says Brad. “They identified for us the positive aspects and how they felt supported by Fairview, to whom many had devoted most of their lives, and the challenging aspects and what we could have done to better support them.”

For the Retiree Club, it continues on its original mission – keeping connected with Fairview, developing friendships, continuing to learn and participating in philanthropic endeavors.

“It’s hard to stop being interested in the advances and changes at the hospital,” says Susan. “Joining the club also allowed me to keep connected to the hospital on a personal level and to continue to contribute to the hospital’s mission through the volunteer opportunities.”

For more information about Retiree Club, contact Susan at ummcfairviewretireeclub@gmail.com.

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