Your Gifts in Action: Breastfeeding Fund

Breastfeeding fund helps us become more baby friendly

We are committed to driving a healthier future for each of our patients—including the thousands of babies born into our care each year. An important part of that commitment includes providing support for new nursing mothers and babies as they work to establish their breastfeeding relationship.

Thanks in part to employee donors and the Breastfeeding/Postpartum Education Fund, our staff is specially trained to help mothers get off to a good start!

Preparing staff to provide support

Since the fund’s establishment, more than 800 staff have received additional training on how to encourage and support new mothers in choosing to breastfeed their babies. “For many of our patients, we can support them by helping them understand what is best for mom and what is best for baby,” says Rachel Shah, postpartum nurse, University of Minnesota Medical Center.
It is so much easier to advocate for breastfeeding when you have the information and data supporting its practice.” In addition to promoting best practices, education also focuses on assisting staff in establishing nursing relationships with preemies, NICU babies and other infants with special care needs.

Show your support

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