Special Delivery: 1,000th baby

The birth of a baby is always a milestone for its family. When baby Zachary was born in April, it also became a milestone for the care provider who helped him make his big entrance.

Zachary is the 1,000th baby Michelle Brechon has helped deliver as a certified nurse midwife at Fairview Clinics – Riverside and Uptown.

“I was so honored to be present for Zachary’s birth,” says Brechon. “I delivered his parent’s first child, a daughter a few years ago. The first delivery was very difficult so it was such a joy to see the whole family very quickly after Zachary’s birth.”

With so much experience, we decided to talk to Michelle about her favorite memories and best advice for new moms.

How did you decide to become a certified nurse midwife?

In my mid 20’s after graduating with some college, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had several jobs, even working in the kitchen at Fairview Ridges Hospital when it first opened.  I ended up taking a class for career development that included interviews with people in different roles. I interviewed with a certified nurse midwife and immediately knew I wanted to be one too.

I didn’t have enough science classes to get into nursing school, so it was a long educational journey. I began at Fairview Riverside Women’s clinic in 1996 (Now Fairview Clinics – Riverside).

What was your first delivery like?

Surprising. The mother was expecting a girl and SURPRISE it was a boy! (That was the first and last time that ever happened to me).

Every birth is special

I’ve been so fortunate throughout my 1,000 births to experience so many touching moments. One story that stands out is I was helping a woman in labor who simply wasn’t progressing late in her labor and was very tired.  Her husband took her hand and they began to waltz around the room; it was quite beautiful.  Not too long after that, the baby came rather quickly. I’ll always remember the joy of their dancing.

Does anything surprise you anymore?

After all these deliveries, I think what surprises me most is the unpredictability of pregnancy and birth.  Each baby finds their own way, their own story in how they come into this world.

Can you share any advice for new moms?

The best tip for any new mom –   take a nap whenever you can. It’s ok to leave the laundry and dishes – they can wait. You need your rest.

Why do you think patients choose the midwives at Fairview?

We truly have a great group of midwives here at Fairview Clinics – Riverside and Uptown. I’m the third in our group to hit the 1000 birth milestone. The experience, knowledge and passion our team has for helping women and families during pregnancy and birth is incredibly strong.  We value each other and every one of our patients.

Learn more about Fairview’s midwife services here:  https://www.fairview.org/specialties/certified-nurse-midwives

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