Fairview Hires Nurse Interns

When interns first step foot into a Fairview facility, they often discover something many of us already know—this is a great place to work.

As an organization, we realize our talent pipeline consists mostly of the same great students we help train every day, which is why so many return to us after completing their education.

Each year, Fairview hosts 1,500 nursing students, totaling more than 160,000 working hours. Hours spent alongside some of the best and brightest nurse leaders and preceptors providing their guidance and support.

Katie Hovland and Rachel Brenna are two former nurse interns who have decided to make Fairview their permanent home.

After completing an internship at Fairview Ridges Hospital and her nursing program at the College of St. Scholastica, Katie, will return to Fairview Ridges in September to begin her career as a registered nurse in pediatric services. The transition should be smooth for Katie, who has already worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and pediatrics (PEDS).

After working as a nanny for many years, Katie says she has always had a “soft spot” for children. What solidified her choice, she says, was time spent seeing the varying cases that come through PEDS and all of the support she’s received from nursing staff.

Opportunity to explore specialty areas

“All of the nurses on both units were always inviting me in to see different things, asking if I had questions and were always making sure I felt comfortable and respected – like part of the team,” says Katie. As for her internship preceptors, Katie had the best of both worlds. The first, she says, was a woman just a couple of years older.

“She knew what I was going through…. It was just really easy for me to connect with her in that way,” she says. The second, a veteran of the NICU, was able to share decades worth of experience while teaching Katie the ropes.

Positive experience influences employment choice

Similarly, Rachel Brenna, a nursing assistant at University of Minnesota Medical Center, says her exceptional time spent interning at Fairview Southdale Hospital was a main reason for her return in February.

All of the nurses were “very open” to students, Rachel says, especially her preceptors, Tiger Heise and Laura Howard.

“They were really great at pushing me in the environment to enhance my learning and skills,” she says.

Rachel spent time as a float pool nurse intern and was given a lot of responsibility early on, something she says she benefited from immensely.

Laura Beeth, system director of Talent Acquisition, says Fairview takes great pride in partnering with colleges and university partners, in part, educating Minnesota’s future workforce.

“Together Fairview and our educational partners are producing skilled and compassionate nurses who we look forward to employing to care for the patients we serve.”

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