A priceless gift: Fairview Hospice

Fairview Hospice kept my family standing when we didn’t think we could,” says Erin Stein. In the course of a decade, Erin’s family called on hospice twice to say goodbye to a family member—first to Erin’s grandmother and, later, to her father.

“After watching my beautiful, bubbly, vivacious grandmother die too soon from pancreatic cancer, I thought that my experience with hospice was over,” says Erin.  “Imagine my shock and despair upon learning, less than ten years later, that my father faced the same fate. I can say, without a doubt, that we would all have lost our collective minds without the help of Fairview Hospice.”

Giving patients and families peace of mind

Fairview Hospice helps patients live as fully as possible with comfort and dignity through their remaining days. All of this and more is made possible with the support of our generous donors.

Many of the therapies and services that help to make Fairview Hospice so meaningful aren’t reimbursed by insurance. This is where our donors make all the difference.

For example, donor generosity helps ease a hospice patient’s pain and tension through therapeutic massage. It can also be used to bring back joyful memories with a music therapy session. Donor dollars also help support the work of home health aides, provide medication dispensing and monitoring systems and more.

These meaningful programs are offered at no cost to hospice patients when they need them most.

But, when you give to the hospice fund, you don’t just help patients—you also help their families. It often isn’t until Fairview Hospice steps in that family members are able to step away from their caregiver roles and truly appreciate the time they have left.

“I am thankful that Fairview allowed me and my family the peace of mind that our loved ones were not in pain, so that we could spend our remaining time making as many memories as possible and saying goodbye,” says Erin. “Thank you for that priceless gift.”

Make a tax-deductible gift to support Fairview Hospice today.

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