8 Ways Your Donation to Fairview is Driving a Healthier Future

As a nonprofit organization, Fairview is grateful to the thousands of donors who choose to support our mission with a charitable gift. Your generosity makes great things possible.

Here are just a few highlights from spring 2015:

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  • Expanding cardiac rehab fitness equipment. Patients at Fairview Range will benefit from the addition of a high-tech interactive Cybercycle, particularly key in the area of cardiac rehab.
  • Healing outdoor space for adult behavioral patients. Modeled after similar space for pediatric behavioral patients, new secure outdoor space for adults will provide a healing environment, opportunity for fresh air and exercise for behavioral patients who otherwise would not have access to the outdoors.
  • Expanding the reach of community health nurses. Three part-time Community Health Nurse Coordinator positions will be created to serve as liaisons between Fairview and parish nurse groups to establish a framework that builds for the future of the program.
  • “Giraffe warmers” to keep preemies warm. New “giraffe warmer” equipment for newborns in the NICU at Fairview Ridges Hospital will improve care for our littlest patients. A built-in scale and rotating bed means infants won’t need to be moved for weight checks or IV placement and resuscitation equipment means time saved in the case of an emergency.
  • Creating guidebooks for cancer patients. Inspired by patient advisory board member feedback, the My Cancer Guidebook project is a University of Minnesota Health Cancer Care resource. It provides information on a patient’s specific clinical treatment, care team, and cancer care -related services as well as resources available for newly-diagnosed cancer patients.
  • Patient satisfaction training and coaching. Funding will enable Fairview Ridges Hospital staff the opportunity to participate in the training and coaching to improve patient satisfaction and ultimately the healing process with respect to pain management.
  • Making it easier to conduct pediatric hearing assessments. Children at risk of progressive hearing loss need an auditory brainstem response evaluation to determine hearing sensitivity, but after four months of age, it becomes difficult to do so while a child is awake. New equipment will make it easier to conduct this testing without the need for sedation or repeated appointments, reducing diagnosis delays and lowering anxiety and frustration for both parents and patients.
  • Providing a ‘Lifeline’ for low income patients. Low-income patients will continue to receive a reduced fee for their monthly Lifeline service, which provides a device to summon emergency assistance at the touch of a button. This will allow Fairview patients to remain safe at home after they’ve been discharged from the hospital.

“These projects directly support Fairview’s mission to heal, discover and educate for longer, healthier lives,” says Mia Hoagberg, interim president, Fairview Foundation. “Thank you to all of the employees, providers, patients and community members whose donations made this work possible.”

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