New Ebenezer Transitional Care Unit Helps Bridge The Gap

To bridge the gap between hospital and home, our new Meadows on Transitional Care Unit (TCU) will be providing short-term care for patients who need help easing back into home life, starting in January.

Each patient room in the Meadows Transitional Care Unit includes a bed, full-size bathroom and kitchenette with a working sink and mini-fridge.

The 14-bed TCU is Medicare certified to provide short-term rehabilitation after a hospital stay. Unit staff will provide occupational, physical and speech therapy, helping patients who may be well enough to be out of the hospital ease back into their home life with the direct care of nurses and doctors. The patients’ primary care physicians will monitor and track progress via Epic throughout their stay at the TCU. Nurses and a house physician will directly manage medical care but, in some cases, patients may need to go to the clinic to see their doctor.

Depending on the patient’s illness or injury, average length of stay is expected to be 10-14 days. For more information about Meadows on Fairview TCU, contact Kari Wilson at 651-464-2121 or email her at

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