Fulfilling Bruce’s Wish: How Fairview Hospice Helped

When Evelyn Emerson’s husband Bruce was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, it ripped her world apart.

“I simply couldn’t imagine a universe in which my husband—my best friend, the father of my children—was no longer by my side,” says Evelyn.

“My husband, however, was both stoic and practical. He had just one wish—to die fully alive,” she says.

Fairview Hospice made that wish a reality.

Providing compassionate care in the comfort of home

Bruce lived with ALS for four years before his doctors urged him to consider hospice. For Evelyn, her meeting with hospice was a turning point in her role as Bruce’s caretaker.

“Despite a small army of dedicated volunteers who cared for Bruce each day, for four years, caring for my husband felt like my burden—and my privilege—but my burden alone,” says Evelyn.

“From the moment we met with Fairview Hospice, that changed. Suddenly, I was not the only person responsible for Bruce’s wellbeing. I had a team of gifted and skilled caregivers serving alongside me.”

Her precious days with her husband were no longer spent scheduling appointments or administering prescriptions. Rather, Fairview Hospice allowed Bruce’s family the peace of mind necessary to spend their remaining time making as many memories as possible and saying goodbye.

Donors helped fulfill Bruce’s wish and helped him continue living while he died.

“Fairview Hospice made him comfortable and cloaked him in dignity. They made him feel respected, comfortable and well cared for in his final days of life,” says Evelyn. “They helped ease his pain so he could be present right up until the moment he passed. Bruce left this world surrounded by friends and family.”

How you can help

Fairview Hospice supports hundreds of families each year.

Many of the therapies and services that help make Fairview Hospice so meaningful—music therapy, therapeutic massage, bereavement programs and more—are not reimbursed by insurance. These programs come at no cost to patients like Bruce because of our donors.

Please donate today to make sure this important support will continue to be available for each and every family who needs it.

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