Each Job, Every Day: Medical Assistants

Regardless of a patient’s symptoms, the reason for their visit or the time of day, our medical assistants play an important role in each patient experience.

From rooming patients to supporting physicians, medical assistants like Abbie Lauwagie and Leslie Farone strive to ensure each experience is as pleasant as possible.

“We are always there for them, no matter what they need,” says Abbie. “Every patient is different in their own way, too, so you feel like you are able to make a difference every day.”

Multitasking the day away

While both Abbie and Leslie work at Fairview Clinics – Apple Valley, the role of medical assistants across our sites is fairly similar. Every day, however, can look just a little bit different and present a variety of unique challenges—meaning the ability to multitask is a must.

Because medical assistants are also sometimes involved with procedures, that means being actively engaged, and trained, in things like injections, spirometry, EKGs, ear washes and assisting with some minor surgeries.

On top of that, computer and phone work like leaving voicemails, providing lab results, doing panel management, refilling prescriptions and filling out forms and prior authorizations keep them busy the rest of the day.

“Things are always changing and you have to be ready for it,” says Abbie.

Keeping things together

Medical assistants act as a form of glue, keeping everything—and everyone—together. Interacting with the entire team, from physicians to nurses to lab techs to the front desk, is essential to keeping things flowing.

“I think there is sometimes an assumption that we only room patients, but we are doing multiple tasks and having to get them done by the end of the day,” says Leslie. “Our goal is to have the schedule run smoothly and on time.”

Their biggest points of pride?

“Making a difference and getting to know our patients and building trust with them,” says Leslie. “Because of that, I feel like we support and perform our mission each and every day.”

And that’s all in a day’s work.

For more information on how you can make this your career, visit our job site.

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