Customer Advisory Council

The Customer Advisory Council: An idea inspired by Fairview’s ongoing dedication to the health of our communities.

To advance Fairview’s mission of healing, discovery and education, we must form strong relationships with many stakeholders in the communities we serve—including local employers, big and small.

Enter Fairview’s new Customer Advisory Council, which aims to strengthen the connection between Fairview and employers who must choose health care networks for their employees. That begins with better understanding employers’ health care pain points, and then offering existing, or designing new, solutions.

“We can help employers find health care solutions that will reduce costs and improve the quality of care their employees receive,” says René Coult-Calendine, vice president, Product and Market Development.

The council includes representatives from local companies, some with whom we have established relationships and some who are new to the Fairview family.

Council members include:

  • Jim Bishop, Liberty Diversified International
  • Ann Carlson, Lifetouch
  • Karen Chapin, University of Minnesota
  • Theresa Gould, Wells Fargo
  • Bentley Graves, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
  • Sue Hoel, Hennepin County
  • Craig Holje, Richfield Public Schools
  • Michelle Kornowski, Eastside Neighborhood Services
  • Melody Linn, Carlson Companies
  • Matthew Mons, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools
  • Nance Lee Mosquera, City of St. Paul
  • Kelly Webb, Regis Corporation
  • Joyce Traver, City of Minneapolis
  • John Velgersdyk, Davisco Foods International, Inc.

They met for the first time in November.

“Our first meeting was thought-provoking, says Melody Linn, Carlson Companies. “It was great to hear others’ opinions and challenges, and to learn about the new product concepts that Fairview is considering.”

Kelly Webb, Regis Corporation, shared, “It’s valuable to hear how other employers are addressing the same challenges we face and learn about ways we can continue to provide quality care while reducing costs.”

The council plans to meet twice a year, and will communicate regularly throughout the year to maintain the council’s energy and value.

“We have a lot to offer and learn from each other,” says Coult-Calendine.

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Pictured above:

Front row: Joyce Traver, City of Minneapolis; Michelle Kornowski, Eastside Neighborhood Services; and Melody Linn, Carlson Companies

Second row: John Velgersdyk, Davisco Foods International, Inc.; Theresa Gould, Wells Fargo; Karen Chapin, University of Minnesota; Nance Lee Mosquera, City of St. Paul; and Matthew Mons, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools

Back row: Sue Hoel, Hennepin County; Kelly Webb, Regis Corporation; and Craig Holje, Richfield Public Schools

Not Pictured: Ann Carlson, Lifetouch; Bentley Graves, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce; and Jim Bishop, Liberty Diversified International


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