Using real-time feedback to improve experience

Perception is reality, as the saying goes. But how do we learn about and respond to our customers’ perceptions of our care and services?

Across Ebenezer, care teams and volunteers use a tool, called TruthPoint, to ask residents and families questions and get real-time feedback that tells us where we are on track or off—both in perception and in reality. The goal is to continuously improve residents’ experience in specific and measurable ways.

Getting feedback faster

The Ebenezer Ridges campus—which provides independent living, adult day care and skilled nursing care for short- and long-term stays—was the first Ebenezer location to try TruthPoint to get faster feedback from residents to inform decisions about where changes to communication, processes or services are needed.

Real-time feedback has become an invaluable tool in the Ebenezer Ridges team’s quest to improve residents’ understanding of the services available to them, as well as their experiences.

“TruthPoint helps us gather feedback in areas most important to our residents. That feedback has given us some surprises that we’ve been able to act on quickly,” says Erin Hilligan, campus administrator, Ebenezer Ridges.

Taking Action

When staff started using TruthPoint, they asked our long-term care residents if they felt they were able to get out of bed when they wanted to and if they had a choice on their bathing time, says Erin.

“We found out that 70 percent of our residents believed they didn’t have those choices, which kind of shocked us.”

Now, the nursing assistant who helps with bathing asks residents their preferred bathing time, collects the data in a spreadsheet and adds that information to each resident’s care plan. A similar process was used to document preferred times for getting out of bed.

Within six months, nearly 100 percent of residents stated that they had a choice when they could bathe and when they were able to get up.

Since that initial use of TruthPoint, the Ebenezer Ridges team has asked residents and their families a wide range of questions, from their satisfaction with the admission process to how well the food service meets their needs.

Data drives results

“We review our TruthPoint data continuously, including at our Customer Satisfaction Council, to help us see where we’re doing well and to identify opportunities for improvement,” says Erin. “The key is not only to get the feedback, but also to act on it.”

The care team at Ebenezer Ridges also uses a feature in TruthPoint that emails them service alerts when immediate intervention is needed, so resident concerns can be addressed quicker and do not escalate into bigger issues.

For example, if a resident expresses dissatisfaction on a TruthPoint question regarding specific menu items, that is noted on the resident’s “choice list.” The team keeps a log of all the alerts, and follow-up actions taken.

This ensures the team is informed of adjustments to be made and is accountable for those changes.

Ebenezer has expanded use of TruthPoint across its long-term care and transitional care units, as well as assisted living and independent housing facilities.

“It’s all about getting timely, personal, and relevant resident and family feedback to help us improve,” says Erin.

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