Say Hello: Matthew Groschen, Audiologist

MGWhat motivated you to work in your position?

I have an extended family member that received a cochlear implant after years of extremely poor hearing. I saw what a difference the device made in his communication and how he was able to reconnect to his family. I knew then that’s the joy I wanted to bring to other families.

Do you have a favorite Fairview story, memory or experience?

I have been with Fairview Health Services just over a year, but have had so many family smiles and happy tears from patients that I could not pick just one favorite moment.

Why are you passionate about your work?

How could one not be passionate about helping people and their families? In this profession, by helping your patient, you are often helping their whole family.   It brings me joy every day to impact lives by removing barriers to enjoyment, bringing families together, helping married people reconnect, and bringing back the joy of hearing your children/grandchildren.

What do you love about working at Fairview?

I like the sense of community and how much care ALL the people work with to improve the lives of our patients. Plus the Audiology center here in Fridley Clinic is new and is one of the most aesthetically pleasing clinics I have ever seen.

What distinguishes you from others in your field? What approaches do you take?

My approach is what separates me from the others in my field. I believe that everyone is different and that no singular approach will work with everyone. I take the time to really listen to the patient, to understand their goals and needs and to use that to develop a plan of care. I want to make their experience and care plan unique to them and meet their needs the best way possible. Everyone is different and deserves an individually tailored care plan.

What does a typical day look like for you at work?

In audiology there is no “typical” day. Every day and every patient is different. As an audiologist you perform diagnostic hearing exams, counsel patients about hearing aid options, troubleshoot/customize hearing aids for patients amongst other types of appointments. Each day brings a different set of challenges from post-op patients here for rechecks to first-time hearing exams, we see patients as young as 5 days old up to 100+ years.

Tell us a fun fact about you.

I  used to be a professional musician and have had my band’s music in TV shows like Supernatural, MTV’s Real word and others.

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