Ardy's Story

Ardy, a mother of three and a music lover, dedicated her life to caring for others, first as a nurse and later as a mom. She looked forward to grandchildren and cherished time spent with family. But, at 52, Ardy learned she had multiple myeloma.

Ready to go home

After a bone marrow transplant and five years in and out of the hospital, Ardy was ready to go home.

“From the moment her doctor recommended palliative care, our goal was to give her great care at home,” says her husband, Peter.

The family found support through Fairview Hospice. Nurses and aides ensured her physical needs were met. Specialty therapists tended to her mental and spiritual well‑being. Massages gave Ardy a reprieve from pain. Music therapy gave her a joyful activity with her family. A hospice social worker seamlessly managed her team of providers.

Creating Memories

Fairview Hospice ensured Ardy’s family could create lasting memories in her final days.

“Fairview Hospice gave us the gift of no regrets. My children and I were able to participate so fully in Ardy’ death, surrounded by family and friends, in the home that she loved, and know that we gave her the best care possible,” says Peter.

Generosity made the difference

Ardy’s experience was made possible by the support of generous donors. To support patients like her, visit


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