We're Making the Healthy Choice in Our Hospitals

We’re committed to improving the health of the communities we serve—and that includes promoting health through the food and beverages we offer in our hospitals.


Starting Monday, Nov. 3, all Fairview Health Services hospital cafeteria and patient menus will be changed to better support the health and well-being of our patients, employees and visitors.

“As anyone trying to eat healthier knows, it’s easier when we stock up on nutritious foods and minimize the foods we’re trying to avoid,” says Paul Onufer, Fairview Health Services VP of System Operations.


Fairview hospitals are following the Hospital Healthier Food Initiative guidelines.”These guidelines are set by Partnership for a Healthier America, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization led by some of the nation’s most respected health advocates,” says Paul.

What’s changing

We will focus on the following areas for our cafeteria and patient menus:

  • Food preparation—Removing all fryers and deep-fried products starting Nov. 3
  • Wellness meals—Offering daily wellness meals that meet nutrition standards and are priced less than or equal to other available meal options
  • Children’s wellness meal—Offering a daily children’s wellness meal that meets nutrition standards and is priced less than or equal to other available meal options
  • Healthier check-out—Displaying only health-promoting food options at and near cash register stations
  • Nutrition labeling and marketing—Labeling items with calories per serving and displaying only health-promoting food options in advertising and menu materials
  • Fruits and vegetables—Ensuring that fruits and vegetables account for at least 10 percent of total food purchased by our hospitals
  • Beverages—Increasing to 80 percent hospital purchases of better-for-you beverages: for example, water, 100 percent fruit and vegetable juice, unflavored milk, teas and coffee Healthy-Eating---Nutrition-

We are working to align our other food outlets, including vending, gift shops and pharmacies with the guidelines as well.

“Fairview is committed to being a leader in providing healthier choices,” says Paul.

“We are proud to be the first health system based in Minnesota to participate in the Hospital Healthier Food Initiative. We are demonstrating market leadership in this important effort.”

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