Suzi's urgent care experience in Eagan

Suzie’s son Ryder was diagnosed with asthma about three-and-a-half years ago. Suzie and her husband knew something wasn’t right when he woke up from his nap. They took Ryder to Fairview Urgent Care in Eagan and were impressed at the level of care they received. We followed-up with Suzie to see how Ryder is doing today.

1.  How did Fairview doctor’s help you feel comfortable when you found out about your son’s asthma?

We were in Urgent Care at Fairview and things happened very quickly as Ryder was not doing well. We had no idea what was happening and the Urgent Care doctor who was assisting us was very good at keeping calm and making sure we knew exactly what was happening. He focused on Ryder, who was 3 at the time and kept him calm also.

2.  How is Ryder doing today?

Ryder is doing well. We still have one or two big “episodes” throughout the year with his asthma, but we are now knowledgeable about symptoms and have the right medications to help prevent asthma attacks.

Watch Suzie’s full story:

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