Anita's delivery experience at Fairview Ridges

Anita reached out to the Fairview Health Services Facebook page looking for a way to say “thank you” to the Fairview Ridges Hospital staff. We decided to ask her a few questions to learn more about her positive experience.

1. Why did you choose Fairview Ridges Hospital to deliver?

We chose Fairview Ridges because it was less than 10 minutes from our home and they have The Birthplace.

2. What made your experience positive at Fairview Ridges?

The quality of support and service I received during labor and delivery was phenomenal. After 14 hours of labor, I finally gave birth to our first child, Jonathan, and I couldn’t have done it without the assistance of the labor and delivery nurses, particularly Tammi, whose encouragement really helped me through in the end. She provided tremendous mental and emotional support during those rough moments.


A recent photo of baby Jonathan taking an afternoon nap.

Additionally, the postpartum nurses provided much-needed moral support afterward. The amount of care and patience I received gave me confidence that I would succeed as a first time mom. Plus, the vast knowledge of the lactation nurses was invaluable. They spent a lot of time answering questions and showing me how to properly breastfeed my son.

And last but not least, the hospital staff (housekeeping personnel, room service employees, volunteers, etc.) made sure our stay was as comfortable as possible. Everyone we met was friendly and made us feel very welcomed there.

3. If you had one piece of advice to a mom who is delivering for the first time, what would it be?

If possible, determine what kind of birthing plan you would like. Be mindful things may change along the way, so keep your options opened and be flexible to suggestions from the labor and delivery nurses.


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