Jessica Larson, MD: Why I Chose Fairview


Have you ever wondered why your doctor works where they do? Doctors have lots of choices of where to practice – so we asked pediatrician Jessica Larson, MD, why she chose Fairview Health Services.

“We are a Fairview family – my husband and I both work for Fairview. I’ve been a pediatrician at Fairview for 9 years now. We were initially drawn to Fairview because of the doctors we met who worked here. We noticed right away that Fairview doctors live and work in their community, and are committed to the health of their friends and neighbors. In the clinic, they work hard to meet the medical needs of their patients. Outside of work, they are parents, coaches, volunteers. I wanted to be a doctor that was invested in her community, and that’s what I’ve been able to do. I love that I see my patients at the grocery store, and that I have coached their soccer teams. It’s so fun when they say “that’s my doctor!

I was also drawn to Fairview’s unique relationship with the University of Minnesota; it’s a wonderful partnership. I trained at the “U,” and I still have strong ties there. I believe the University provides the best specialty care for children in our region. The pediatric specialists there are top notch and they very accessible. It’s so easy for me to call a specialist when I have a child with a special medical need. I feel comfortable knowing my patients are in good hands if I can’t care for them myself.

Ultimately, the best thing about my job is my patients. It has been such a joy working with my families over the years, being part of raising their children. Beyond caring for their medical needs, I enjoy getting to know the children that I care for and watching them grow. From newborns who won’t sleep, to a four-year-old with endless questions, to an 18 year old getting ready for college – I enjoy all the stages my patients go through. My patients touch my heart and make me laugh on a daily basis. It is my patients that keep me coming to work at Fairview every day!”

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