E-visits are completed securely online with your provider, using Fairview MyChart. Log-in anytime and answer questions about your health issue. You'll receive a response within one business day; visits occurring on a weekend are answered on Mondays. Receive care for a variety of conditions, including: acne, sinus infection, pink eye and bladder or yeast Infections. Also recurrent conditions, like back pain, depression and anxiety.

To complete an e-visit:

1. Log into your account at fairview.org/MyChart

2. Choose “Get care online”

3. Click “Request an E-visit”

E-visits are typically covered by insurance. If you don’t have a MyChart account, call 855-513-5513 or ask at your next visit. The cost for E-visits vary depending on the time the provider needs to determine the right treatment for you:

5 to 10 min. - $45

11 to 20 min. - $65

Over 21 min. - $90


Receive care 24/7 from OnCare, our online clinic, for dozens of minor conditions including infections, pink eye, skin issues and even sleep problems. Log-in, answer questions about your health and receive a diagnosis and treatment plan within an hour. If a prescription is needed, it’s sent to your pharmacy. OnCare visits are $45 and may be covered by your insurance. Learn more at oncare.org.

How to choose which option is best for you?

If you wish to receive care from your own provider, choose an e-visit or telephone visit. OnCare is a convenient option when you or your child needs care right away; diagnosis is provided within an hour 24 hours a day. OnCare is available to everyone in the state of Minnesota – you do not need to be a patient.