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Our mission

Fairview is driven to heal, discover, and educate for longer, healthier lives.

    Our vision

    Fairview is driving a healthier future.

      Healthier future

        Driving a healthier future

        Together, as a team, we are committed to continuously evolving our processes, collaborating for healthier outcomes for our patients and community, and raising the standard for quality healthcare.



          Our values

          Dignity: We value the uniqueness of each person and work to ensure everyone's right to privacy. We respect the cultures, values, beliefs, and traditions of others and honor their talents and contributions.

          Integrity: We say what we mean and do what we say. We communicate openly and honestly and behave ethically. We demand the best of ourselves and accept shared accountability for our actions.

          Service: We work to make a difference in people's lives and in our communities. We strive for excellence by anticipating, meeting and exceeding expectations. We continually improve our programs and skills through learning and innovation. We responsibly manage our resources.

          Compassion: We recognize and respond to the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of all the people we serve. We create a caring environment, conducive to healing, growth, and wellbeing for all.

          Innovation: We support clinical research that leads to tomorrow’s cures. We advance new business models that will change healthcare. From the bedside to the call center, we are committed to continual improvement. Innovation is part of who we are.

          Employee stories

          Our employees are what make us so special. Their passion, commitment, and expertise enable us to provide the best healthcare to our Minnesota communities. Learn more about some of our highlighted heroes.

          Employee stories

          Focus on human connection

          Mental Health Nurse Gerrica Johnson speaks about the importance of personalized care, her calling to be a caregiver, and the rewards of nursing.

          Recognizing healthcare heroes

          Seven employees have been recognized as Healthcare Heroes this year by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal for their work on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

          Refugee, nurse, nonprofit leader

          Hear the inspiring story of how life-changing medical care as a refugee inspired Mohamed Jama Mohamed, RN, to become a nurse, and how he shares his passion for caring for others.
          • Overview DEI

            Diversity, equity, and inclusion

            We are committed to healthcare that respects the dignity of each individual and honors their faith, culture, and community. We welcome providers, professionals, and volunteers of all backgrounds, economic statuses, races, ethnicities, sexes, genders, and ages. Our focus on diversity empowers us to maintain policies, practices, and attitudes that are respectful and inclusive. We are a stronger organization because of our diversity.

          Continuous improvement

          It is up to all of us to continually solve problems, improve our work, and meet the needs of our patients, customers, communities, and each other. Fostering a mindset of continuous improvement allows us to achieve results today and prepare for tomorrow. 

            Respect for people

            We acknowledge, embrace, and empower the people we serve and work with in our organization. We relentlessly respect people's ability to think, develop, and problem-solve while honoring the value each individual brings. The term "people" is all-inclusive of everyone with whom we may work: patients, customers, families, guests, vendors, external partners, and each other.

              As a Fairview employee, I...

              Your wellbeing is our priority

              Wellbeing is about more than health. It isn't something that just happens at the gym or at your doctor's office. It's about finding balance in body, mind, and spirit. In this state, we feel content, connected, energized, resilient, and safe.

              Across the system, there are many people, projects, champions, and resources working on wellbeing. To make sure that our wellbeing work reaches everyone, the Wellbeing Alliance builds a unified approach with a common goal: own the complexity of wellbeing and make meaningful progress for employees, patients, and the community.

                Healthy Wellbeing

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                  Want to make a difference? At Fairview, we strive to put our people, community, and region first, so that every patient feels they're supported and taken care of by the very best. With an expansive network and many locations to choose from, we're confident you'll find your place here.