You Might Have Become a Caregiver Without Even Realizing It

Take this quiz if you have an aging loved one in your life.

Forty percent of adults are looking after an aging loved one. It could be any relative or even a neighbor, but it’s usually a parent. 

“I see a lot of stressed out 40- to 60-year-olds who are trying to manage a career, kids and their parents,” said Kim DeRoche, MD. “I hear about it when a woman comes in for her ‘annual’ physical and hasn’t been in for three or four years. They know they’re not taking care of themselves the way they did before they had to take care of someone else.”  

It’s especially challenging with seniors living longer these days and expecting to stay in their own homes longer. Someone has to step up to help with the things they can’t do for themselves.

 Do any of these sound like your life?   

  • Your shopping list includes somebody else’s groceries, too. 
  • You’ve had to take time off work to drive someone to their appointments. 
  • You’re not eligible for Medicare, but you’ve been Googling to figure it out.  
  • You talk to your parents’ doctors more than you talk to your own. 
  • You’ve covertly checked your parents’ fridge to make sure they’re eating right. 
  • You have a hunch your parents aren’t staying on top of their bills like they used to. 
  • You run as many errands for someone else as you do for yourself. 
  • You need to but just don’t have time to find a dog-walker, hire a snow-shoveler, make sure your parent takes their pills twice a day, etc. 
  • You don’t even know where to begin understanding your parents’ finances, helping them pick an insurance plan, etc. 
  • It feels like you drive over to your parents’ house more than you get to be at your own. 
  • Your siblings are starting to fight over what to do about mom and dad. 
  • You worry about your parents more than ever. 
If you answered yes to any of those, help is available. Fairview created Caregiver Assurance, a new service that gives you a personal advisor to help with all these demands. Find out more.

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