When you're willing to drive 27 miles to have your baby

New mom Beth wasn’t happy with her local hospital, but found exactly what she needed at Fairview Lakes Medical Center

Mom and baby with doctor

When Beth Musker and her husband, Kyle, found out they were expecting, it was a given they'd have the baby at the hospital near their place in New Brighton — or so they thought.

“The hospital I was planning on delivering at is only a five-minute drive from home, but it just wasn’t a good fit for me and my family,” Beth recalls. “It wasn’t the experience I was expecting.”

That’s when a family member recommended Fairview Lakes Medical Center in Wyoming and obstetrician Ralph Magnusson, MD.

“I wasn’t sure about driving 27 miles to deliver my baby,” Beth recalls. “I was due in December, and you never can predict the weather.”

“But when I met Dr. Magnusson, I instantly knew it was a good fit. He took the time with me and made me feel comfortable and confident.”

Small-town hospital, big-city services

Soon Beth had a tour of the hospital and The Birthplace. “I was really happy when I saw the size of the rooms and the fact that they are private.” She also liked that they offer childbirth and parenting classes, and that the Fairview Lakes breastfeeding experts help new moms even after they go home.

When the time came for her to be tested for group B strep (GBS) – a common bacteria present in many healthy adults – Beth found out she was a carrier. Although harmless to her, the bacteria can cause serious illness in babies born vaginally.

"Dr. Magnusson calmed my fears about being positive for GBS," Beth says. "Because of the distance I was driving, we had a plan in place."

“Having a positive group B strep test isn’t uncommon, but it can be scary for a new mom,” says Dr. Magnusson. “To help protect the baby, intravenous antibiotics are administered once labor begins.”

It's nothing the hospital couldn't handle. And if a mom happens to experience more serious complications, Fairview Lakes providers have direct access to specialists at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

The big day

“After I went into labor, I called the hospital and they told me to come in," Beth recalls. When she arrived, she was pleasantly surprised that the staff had registered her and her room was all ready. Then she met the obstetrician on duty.

"Beth was a new patient to me, as I didn't see her during her regular prenatal appointments," says Isahaq Abdullahi, MD. "Like most new moms, they're experiencing a wide range of emotions. I believe that knowledge is power, so I provide my patients like Beth with several synopses of what could happen during delivery. I want my patients to know what to expect."

Nurses were there to offer Beth support tools like a birthing ball, a peanut ball, and a squatting bar, as well as therapeutic labor techniques, like essential oils. Fairview Lakes also offers the latest in options for pain relief, including nitrous oxide.

"I didn't know how hard delivery was going to be," Beth remembers. "Then my nurse Callie told me that I could do this and it was up to me to deliver this baby. That was all the motivation I needed, and after a couple more pushes I saw my sweet boy Caleb for the first time."

“The entire team at Lakes is there to support our patients – before, during, and after delivery," Dr. Abdullahi says. "We all work really well together."

Beth continues to see Dr. Magnusson for her postpartum care, and now Caleb sees a Fairview physician.

“We found an awesome pediatrician, Dr. Catherine Berry, at the clinic in Lino Lakes," Beth says. "I have the most trust in everyone at Fairview."

“Now I’m ready to have baby No. 2! And I know I’ll be delivering again at Lakes.”

Make an appointment with an OB doctor or book a tour at The Birthplace.

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