What started as a headache turned into a scary diagnosis

After Denise’s surgery to remove a brain mass, you helped her recover and get back to gardening.


When Denise woke up with an intense headache in late December, she and her husband went to the emergency department at Fairview. Within 45 minutes of getting there, Denise was diagnosed with a brain mass.

Immediately, Denise was transferred to the stroke, brain, and spine floor. On Christmas Eve, she underwent surgery and doctors removed a grape-sized tumor. Luckily, the tumor was benign.

Denise spent time recovering and regaining her strength while being cared for by our expert providers and care teams on the intensive care unit (ICU), the stroke, brain, and spine floor, and acute rehab. Over the next four months, Fairview specialists helped Denise work through her recovery and get back to life as it was before her diagnosis.

Watch her story:

Denise’s incredible experience was enriched by programs, equipment, and well-trained staff — all thanks to generous donors. Gifts helped us make improvements to the ICU care environment, expand education and well-being support for care providers, and provide additional programming for patients enduring strenuous rehabilitation.  

To learn how you can make a gift to enhance the care of patients like Denise, visit fairview.org/giving.

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