St. John’s unveils new cutting-edge cancer treatment technology

HealthEast St. John’s Hospital now offers patients one of the most advanced cancer technologies available today: the Edge Radiosurgery System.


Installed at St. John’s in July, the Edge allows St. John’s Cancer Care experts to perform advanced, non-invasive radiation therapy and radiosurgery anywhere in the body with extreme precision and efficiency.

The new radiosurgery technology, which includes real-time tumor tracking and 360-degree rotation, can deliver high amounts of radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy, preventing damage to healthy tissue and reducing patient treatment times by up to 50 percent.

“Being able to offer higher doses of radiation in fewer, faster treatments is a game changer,” said Phil Silgen, a medical physicist at St. John’s. “This technology has improved the delivery, accuracy and safety of radiation treatments for our patients, and opens the door for us to expand our radiosurgery capabilities to complex areas like the lungs and brain.” 

St. John’s will also soon be one of the first clinical sites in the country to implement advanced software called HyperArc to work in conjunction with the Edge. HyperArc will speed up the development of unique treatment plans, allowing cancer patients to receive precise radiation therapy treatments sooner.   

“Cancer is a life changing diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to be life ending,” said Edwin Visalden, director of HealthEast Cancer Care. “At St. John’s, a diverse team of experts works together to build the most effective treatment plan for each patient. This innovative new technology is a valuable tool we’re now able to consider when determining how we can provide best possible care for our patients.” 

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