Putting Abdul's mind at ease before a big trip

With an extended trip on the horizon, Abdul turned to his friends at Fairview Pharmacy to ensure he could travel with all his needed medications.

Abdul and his friends at Fairview Pharmacy

Abdul Fakhreddine was planning the trip of a lifetime: three months in his home country of Lebanon. But his planning was not without a daunting challenge. Abdul, who is diabetic and has a heart condition, knew he needed to figure out what to do about the many prescription medications he relies on, most of which are only dispensed one month at a time.

Luckily, as a customer at the Fairview Pharmacy in Bloomington for the last 14 years, he knew who to ask.

“I come to this pharmacy and I am among friends,” says Abdul.

We’ll handle it

When Abdul went to the pharmacy, he told pharmacy technician Alicia Waitkus about his trip and asked if he could get enough medication for three months. Without hesitating, Alicia sprang into action.

“Whatever we can do to put patients’ minds at ease — that's why I love doing what I do,” she says.

Alicia worked with Abdul’s providers to plan the right prescription refills and with his insurance company to get vacation override approvals to ensure he would have enough medication for the trip.

“The staff never told me ‘you need to call your insurance,’” says Abdul. “Alicia coordinated everything — she just called me when it was ready to be picked up. They went above and beyond to accommodate me.”

Pharmacist John Krier even helped Abdul plan how he would keep his insulin cold on the 15-hour flight.

“It’s about patient health — that’s why we put in the extra effort,” says John. “We have patients who come in before a vacation who are worried about having to pay full price for extra medication. We make the situation easier by telling them we’ll help. We’ll work with their insurance and provider, and do whatever we can. We want to make sure patients are taken care of even when they’re out of town.”

A healthy, happy trip

“I didn’t want to come back,” jokes Abdul, reflecting on his trip. Everything went smoothly with his medications.

“I felt great, and I was thankful the Bloomington pharmacy was here to help me.”

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