New breastfeeding services for new moms

Four clinics in the East Metro now offer appointments for moms who want breastfeeding support after leaving the hospital

By the time moms go home from the hospital with their new baby, they’ve done a lot of preparing. But it’s hard to prepare for the unexpected challenges they can face when breastfeeding. 

Moms at all our hospitals meet with certified lactation consultants for initial breastfeeding education and help soon after giving birth and as needed during their stay. Several of our hospitals, including St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood and Woodwinds Health Campus in Woodbury, have earned Baby-Friendly® status, given to facilities offering mothers the encouragement, information, and skills to successfully start and continue breastfeeding their babies.

Because moms may not anticipate every question they might have, four HealthEast clinics now offer breastfeeding help in the weeks and months after birth. 

“Oftentimes once they are home, they may need more support,” says Yeng M. Yang, MD, with HealthEast clinics. “We are proud to offer these expanded lactation services to help get moms and babies off to a healthy start.” 

Four sites, six days a week

Moms can now make appointments at Maplewood, Roseville, Tamarack, and Woodwinds HealthEast clinics. These locations are convenient to patients who deliver at St. John’s and Woodwinds, though any new mom is welcome to make an appointment. 

Four experienced lactation consultants, who are also pediatric nurse practitioners or nurse midwives, see patients for a variety of needs, such as:
  • Milk supply.
  • Correct latch. 
  • What to do when your baby is slow to gain weight.
  • Taking medicines while breastfeeding.
  • Problems with your breast or nipple, including pain, infections, or plugged ducts. 
  • Pumping and storing breast milk.
  • Feeding options when returning to work.
Appointments are scheduled six days a week. Saturday appointments will alternate between the Maplewood and Woodwinds locations. Most insurance plans cover lactation consultants, though it’s always best to check with your insurance provider to be sure. 

To make an appointment for lactation support at HealthEast clinics, call651-232-3147. For lactation support at other Fairview clinic locations, call855-FAIRVIEW.

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