New Fairview Pediatric Therapy Clinic opens in Maplewood

Parents in the East Metro can now get help for their kids closer to home

Pediatric Therapy Maplewood

Have you been concerned about your child's development but wonder if you’re just overreacting? Has your pediatrician recommended therapy to help your toddler with eating difficulties? Maybe you're worried that your baby isn't saying words yet?

At the new Fairview Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Maplewood, you can find clear answers, compassionate care, and convenient appointments close to home. 

The new clinic offers physical therapy, speech therapy, and what’s known as occupational therapy – which helps kids who are having trouble with everyday activities at home or school. It serves kids of all ages, from babies to teenagers.

“It’s exciting that we’re opening another clinic close to where people live,” says John Henry, Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation Services. “Families often have to come one or two times a week for a stretch of time, so having a place that is not only accessible, but offering really high quality care, is so important.”

Whether your child's challenges are caused by developmental delays, muscle or joint problems, illness, injury, or just how their brain is wired, pediatric therapy can make a significant difference.

Therapists create a customized program for each patient, including activities to be done at home. These programs are designed to help with such conditions as:

  • Poor motor skills or balance
  • Flattening of the skull (plagiocephaly) or tightness of the neck and shoulder muscles in babies (torticollis)
  • Eating or swallowing issues
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Sensory disorders, such as being uncomfortable with loud noises, certain textures or food
  • Problems with concentration or completing tasks

The clinic therapists will work with you, your child's teachers, and anyone else who cares for your child to make sure the plan is consistent, doable, effective and fun.

“All of our therapists have been practicing for years,” John says. “They are ready to use that knowledge to help our patients get better, faster.”

The new clinic is on the third floor of the HealthEast Clinic and Specialty Center in Maplewood. You’ll need a referral from your pediatrician or family physician, but they don’t need to be a Fairview doctor. Check out our:

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