In It Together: Mother and Daughter Get Treatment Side by Side

Nancy and Rachel Larkey share a rare genetic disease, and thanks to Fairview they’ve been able to go through treatment together.

In It Together Mother and Daughter

Nancy Larkey and her 11-year-old daughter Rachel have many things in common—their brunette locks, their quiet nature and their love of movies, to name a few. The two also share Fabry disease, a rare genetic disorder caused by a defective gene.

“I tested Rachel when she was two months old,” says Nancy. “I was really hoping she wouldn’t have it."

For Nancy, the disease manifests as a burning sensation in her hands and feet, decreased ability to sweat and muscle pain. Rachel hasn’t had many symptoms yet, other than an occasional migraine.

Even so, Nancy wanted Rachel to start treatment for the disease early in hopes that it would keep the symptoms at bay and lead to a longer lifespan. As she started seeking treatment for her daughter, Nancy decided that it was the right time to start her own treatment as well.

Although she knew from a young age that she had the disease, Nancy was always averse to taking any sort of medicine for it. Instead, she self-managed her symptoms by dipping her hands and feet in cold water and taking over-the-counter pain relievers as needed.

Meeting a unique need 

In searching for the right place to receive treatment, Nancy found her way to Fairview Home Infusion, part of Fairview Pharmacy Services, where she had a special request: she wanted to be able to receive her treatment together with Rachel.

Whereas many infusion centers offer only pediatric or adult infusions, Fairview Home Infusion serves people of all ages and was able to make a few special arrangements so that Rachel and Nancy could get their first treatments side by side.

“I knew Rachel wouldn’t be comfortable by herself because she doesn’t like needles,” says Nancy. “This way she could see what they were doing to me first and know it was OK."

Home sweet home

After being monitored on-site during their first treatment, Nancy and Rachel have been able to start receiving infusions from Fairview in their own home.

Not having to travel for treatment gives the family more time for the things they love to do together, like playing cards and having family dinners at their grandparents’ house. It also means no more missed school for Rachel—she can even sit and do her homework during the treatments.

“Fairview was helpful and nice,” says Nancy. “I’m happy about it."

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