Fairview employee named Emerging Volunteer of the Year

St. Paul Chamber honors Amanda Knutson for her work in community health

Emerging Volunteer of the Year

At their 10th annual awards ceremony, the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce honored Amanda Knutson as their Emerging Volunteer of the Year. Amanda is Fairview’s Manager of Community Health and Innovation, working to improve the health and well-being of our neighbors in the communities we serve.

Here’s what the chamber had to say about her:

We are thrilled this evening to not only recognize someone who has truly left a lasting impression but to also be able to surprise them with this award!

Where do I begin? When you ask co-workers and friends, everyone says the same thing: She’s the first one to volunteer, to take action, to step up to the plate. She’ll ask you, “What do you need? When do you need it?” – and go above and beyond to make it happen. Her “team player” spirit is refreshing when so many people shy away from taking on new challenges. She attends dozens of SPACC events a year and when she’s not attending them, she’s planning them.

For those of you who are familiar with Leadership St. Paul, she was the LSP curriculum committee chair in 2017. In fact, the whole reason there’s a health care day is because of this individual.

Prior to her involvement, health and human services were combined into one day of programming. But this Emerging Volunteer completely re-envisioned the community health experience, and built it from the ground up. She spent three years refining and shaping the programming and is the very essence of a Chamber champion.

In her spare time, you should know that she’s been a dancer her whole life and is now taking a hip hop class. She’s also on the Angel Foundation and has done all of this while graduating – with honors – with her MBA from St. Thomas.

And, did I mention she just got married, too? What a year!

This individual is truly making a meaningful impact on SPACC, our membership, and our broader community. I am pleased to present the 2018 Emerging Volunteer of the Year Award to Amanda Knutson.

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