Doing The Impossible, So Patients Can Return To What They Love

Physical therapists help patients live their best, most active lives.

Jennifer Rovn, physical therapy supervisor at Bethesda Hospital, Jennifer Rovn, physical therapy supervisor at Bethesda Hospital

Whether a patient is learning to walk again, recovering from a sports injury or wanting to regain physical function, physical therapists work tirelessly so their patients can do the things they love again—even when they never thought it was possible.

Rebuilding function and mobility

Evan Boldt, PT

Patients trust physical therapists to restore physical functions and guide them through therapy so they can return to walking, dancing or other physical activities.

“I love working with people and building relationships with them,” says Evan Boldt, outpatient supervisor at Fairview Rehabilitation Services in Edina. “I help patients through difficult times in a lot of different ways—emotionally and physically.”

Jennifer Rovn, physical therapy supervisor at Bethesda Hospital, enjoys the diversity of cases she has on a daily basis and how she can aid patients in their healing process.

“I love the variety I get with my patients,” says Jennifer. “I help them be the best person they physically can be.”

Making a difference, one session at a time

Seeing patients recover and return to doing what they love makes a physical therapist’s job gratifying.

“I see some people come to their first appointment in a wheelchair, not able to walk,” says Evan. “Then we get them back to their jobs, sports, even walking … and that’s very rewarding. I get to make a difference at my job—it’s fun.”

Jennifer also finds her job fulfilling.

“I truly believe I make a difference,” says Jennifer. “But, it’s also the people that make my job great. I love my co-workers, I love getting to know people and helping people perform at their best. I get to help people do things they never thought they could do!”

Sharing goals, sharing challenges

Making a difference does not always come easily. For Jennifer, one of her role’s biggest challenges is ensuring patients get enough out of every physical therapy session.

“It can be hard to make sure every treatment provides the biggest bang for the patient’s buck,” says Jennifer. “That is the biggest challenge of my job—I strive to make each treatment count and ensure the patient feels like they’re making progress. If a patient doesn’t succeed at their goals, I feel guilty.”

PT in action

Evan also finds it difficult when patients aren’t able to reach their goals.

“I love seeing people get back to doing what they love to do, but sometimes, people aren’t able to go back to their
pre-injury lives, and that can be a challenge,” says Evan.

Why Fairview and HealthEast?

Enjoying where they work is important to both Jennifer and Evan.

“I love working for HealthEast because I feel like we are a tight-knit community,” says Jennifer. “Everyone gets to know each other and people are here a long time, so it’s easy to build lasting relationships with my co-workers.”

In addition to getting along with his co-workers, Evan has found that working for a large health system has had a positive impact on his patients' care.

“There are many benefits of working for a comprehensive health system,” says Evan. “We’re able to have providers with high skill levels—not only within rehab—to refer patients to, ask for advice and bounce ideas back and forth with. The relationships we have with providers makes patient care so much easier. It’s great to work as part of a system that works really well together.”

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