Can I keep having sex after getting pregnant?

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May 2018 Blog; Sex
Certainly. You’re going to want to go on enjoying life. You’re not in such a delicate state that you shouldn’t. 

They used to tell pregnant women they shouldn’t lift or move. They used to try to keep pregnant women quiet. They thought you would have a miscarriage. 

Now we know a healthy woman is going to have a healthier baby. We try to encourage regular physical activity, and that includes sex. You can do anything that increases your heart rate, as long as you can still catch your breath.  

The biggest fear women have is the physical activity, and the second fear is the trauma to the area. You can end up with some light bleeding, which scares people.

There’s an increase in blood supply to the baby, so everything is going to be swollen and more blood is going to that area. Bleeding can last for up to an hour and then it dwindles off into light spots.

Just remember that babies will do better with an emotionally and physically healthy person taking care of them. And that’s you, mom.

You don’t even have to worry about having sex too enthusiastically or for too long. Have it.  Have it now. Because that baby is going to keep you pretty busy once they’re born!  

Amy Edman, MD, family medicine doctor specializing in OB
Fairview Clinics – Elk River
Fairview Clinics – Princeton

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