Anne LaFlamme honored for being a technology innovator

Award recognizes health care advances that improve outcomes, patient care, and business impact

Anne LaFlamme

Anne LaFlamme, Fairview’s Chief Clinical and Nursing Informatics Officer, has received the 2019 Women’s Health TRUST award for innovation and technology. The TRUST is a professional network of 500+ women in health care, founded in the Twin Cities to enhance leadership skills and advance careers.

Nineteen women received awards this year in five categories.

Anne was selected for her work developing an electronic tool to track and visualize patient outcomes that depend on quality nursing care. She was also part of the leadership team for our health system’s largest electronic health record (EHR) upgrade, impacting nearly 30,000 users. She played a large role in the success of that upgrade by recognizing the importance of engaging staff and instituting a change management program to support their education.  

“Anne is a true innovator and visionary,” says Laura Reed, Fairview’s Chief Nursing Executive and Chief Operating Officer. “She understands that technology should not be an obstacle to patient care, but a powerful tool to enhance nursing practice and improve patient outcomes. We are so fortunate to have her critical thinking skills in a leadership role.”

Anne is an active leader in the Nursing Collaboratory, a think tank that enhances nursing education, research, practice, and ultimately patient outcomes. The Collaboratory is a partnership of Fairview, University of Minnesota Physicians, and University of Minnesota School of Nursing.

Anne also leads the Technology and Innovation Nursing Council, where nursing staff take on initiatives to improve the tools and technology used by nurses in their daily work.

She and her team currently lead projects to ensure all nurses and clinicians are using our technology consistently across our system of 11 hospitals and over 90 clinics.

“I’m so honored that this group of amazing women selected me for this award,” Anne says. “Technology is a fundamental part of our daily practice. My goal is to improve those tools and make them as useful and as informative as I can, and that leads to better patient care.”

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