A lakeside cabin and murals transform Fairview Lakes Medical Center

Employee donations create calming and inviting public spaces

Waiting area at Fairview Lakes Medical Center
Picture this: a North Woods log cabin, friends around a campfire, a family enjoying the outdoors together. Not what you’d expect when you visit your doctor.

But thanks to donations from Fairview’s annual Employee Giving Campaign, you can see it at Fairview Lakes Medical Center in Wyoming.

In the waiting area outside the specialty clinic, kids can play in the quaint lakeside cabin and parents can relax by the cattails, loons, and bright flowers. In addition to a recently completed mural, Fairview Lakes has now added furniture in the cabin, toys, and floating 3D clouds – all with the goal of making families feel more at ease.

From concept to reality

A team of Fairview Lakes leaders had a vision several years ago to create updated spaces that would appeal to both kids and adults.

“Our patients often come to us at highly stressful times, and we want to provide calming, inviting spaces,” says Kathy Bystrom, Community Partnerships Manager. “Providing this type of environment helps reduce anxiety and has a positive effect on our patients and visitors.”

The medical center worked with a design team and local artist Adam Turman to make their vision a reality. Adam did the paintings freehand, and his presence drew a crowd.

“People of all ages stopped to watch me paint, and the response was great,” Adam says. “The murals make people feel good. For me, it’s a fun project because I know the work I’m creating will allow a lot of people to enjoy it.”

Adam’s inspiration for the murals came from the surrounding community. He wanted to reflect the activities local people like to do and find relaxing.

Up next, patient rooms will be getting enhanced with the same North Woods theme.

Employee donors made it possible

Fairview Lakes employees are so committed to the health and wellbeing of their patients that these transformative projects were funded through their own donations. For over 30 years, employees have given generously to help further Fairview’s mission to heal, discover, and educate for longer, healthier lives.

“Employees enjoy the new murals as much as our patients and families,” Kathy says. “It’s inspirational for staff to see their gifts in action.”

Support positive health care experiences for children and families by making a gift to the Fairview Foundation today.

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