6 reasons to switch to a Fairview pharmacy (besides saving money)

But yes, you’ll save money.

Switching to Fairview Pharmacy from a retail chain like Walgreens or CVS comes with significant advantages. Melissa Miller, a pharmacist at the Fairview Clinic in Eagan, used to work for a national retail drug store, so she’s seen those benefits firsthand.

But she knows that some people may not even consider the advantages because they think a pharmacy at a medical clinic is more expensive.

If you have a copay for prescription drugs, your costs are the same anywhere you go. Even if you don’t, Fairview Pharmacy makes sure our cash prices are competitive with other drug stores — and we don’t stop there.

Fairview Pharmacy prides itself on saving patients money, more than $2.25 million in 2017 alone.

“I don't let a single brand-name prescription go by me without finding out if a coupon from the manufacturer is available,” Melissa says. “We save patients $5,000 to 10,000 a month using manufacturers’ coupons at this site alone.”

Fairview pharmacists also talk with your doctors about prescriptions for a drug that’s equally effective but lower cost.

Now, how about those other benefits of switching to a Fairview pharmacy?

1. Fill your first prescription without making another stop

Fairview has pharmacies at 36 locations where patients get care, allowing you to get your prescriptions filled before you leave your appointment. Taking a trip to the local drug store is no longer necessary.

“Being on site with providers is a huge advantage,” Melissa says. “Doctors can send us instant messages to get prescriptions started while patients are finishing their appointments.”

2. Never miss a refill

Ever forgotten to order a refill until you took your very last pill? Download the Fairview Pharmacy mobile app on your iOS or Android device and get refill reminders. You can order straight from your mobile device by scanning your prescription label or order on our website.

If it’s a drug you’re taking long-term, just switch your prescription to Fairview, sign up for the EZ Refill program, and we’ll refill you on schedule. We’ll notify you when it’s ready for pick up. Want to skip the trip to the pharmacy all together? If your insurance allows, use our mail service and get your regular prescriptions delivered to your home for free.

“We offer all of the same conveniences other drug stores do,” Melissa says.

3. Save time because we can walk into your doctor’s office

Since our pharmacists work onsite with your doctors, a call to one of our pharmacists can resolve any prescription changes you need quicker than a drug store can. 

“I can walk to the doctor’s office now,” Melissa says. “Before, when I worked outside of the clinic, we would call like any patient would — often going through a receptionist to maybe talk to a nurse or leave a message for a doctor and hope for a call back.”

4. Get your questions answered because we can look up your medical records

Ever have questions about a medication after you’ve left the doctor’s office?

Our pharmacists have access to the same medical records your doctor sees, and the experience and training to understand your diagnosis. Drug stores can only answer questions about the prescription in front of them; they don’t have the full picture of your health.

Melissa describes a situation when that matters:

“I had a patient who had a new prescription. I asked if it was replacing a different medication, but they said they had talked about so many things during the appointment that they weren’t sure. So I looked at the chart, saw the notes, and confirmed it was replacing the medication. I also saw that they had quite a bit of the other medication left at home after a recent refill, so I could tell them to stop taking those pills.”

“This is something I wouldn't have been able to do at a retail pharmacy. I wouldn't have had that information. The patient trusts me, knows I have access to the information, and knows I can help them.”

Take multiple prescriptions? Our specially trained pharmacists can help you if you’re concerned about whether your medications are still working, the side effects they cause, or even the number of medications you’re taking

5. Get vaccinations and tests without an appointment

In a pinch for time? Skip the doctor’s appointment and see a Fairview pharmacist when you need to:

  • Get vaccinated for the flu, pneumonia, shingles, Tdap, or HPV (second and third series shots only). 
  • Have your blood pressure taken for our blood pressure monitoring program. Our pharmacists can put your results into your health records.
  • Get an asthma control test (ACT) so there are no interruptions in your refill requests.
“We do 1,700 vaccinations a year at this site, but we don’t just offer them like many pharmacies,” says Melissa. “We make sure patients are up-to-date on all their immunizations and really make their health our priority.”  

6. Believe it or not, where you get your medicine matters

Research shows that patients who use Fairview pharmacies instead of drug stores have fewer visits to the doctor, fewer trips to the emergency room, and fewer admissions to the hospital. These customers are not only healthier, but they’ve lowered their health care costs, too.

These results — given the benefits of using a Fairview Pharmacy — didn’t surprise Melissa at all.

When Melissa worked at the chain drug store, she says, “I didn’t know the patients, and I didn’t know the providers. Now I know both by name.”

“Our providers encourage their patients to come here, because they know I'll help in ways that other pharmacies aren't able to. It really feels like I am a part of a patient's care team and it’s absolutely rewarding; I didn't realize before what I was missing until I came to work here.”

Easily switch your prescription  to Fairview Pharmacy online or find the Fairview Pharmacy nearest you.

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