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ID Article
2Facelift (Rhytidectomy)
3Facet Joint Injection
4Facet Joint Injection: Your Experience
5Facial Contusion
6Facial Contusion with Sleep Monitoring
7Facial Fracture
8Facial Fracture
9Factor I
10Factor II
11Factor IX (Antihemophilic Factor B)
12Factor IX Complex
13Factor IX Concentrates
14Factor IX Fc Fusion Protein, Recombinant
15Factor V
16Factor VIIa, Recombinant
17Factor VIII (Antihemophilic Factor A)
18Factor X
19Factor X
20Factor XI
21Factor XII
22Factor XIII A-Subunit, Recombinant
23Factor XIII Concentrate
24Facts About Dietary Fat
25Fairview Language Services sign
26Fall Due To Dizziness, Weakness, Or Loss Of Balance
27Fall Prevention
28Fall, Mechanical
29Fall, Uncertain Cause
30Fallopian Tube Catheterization (Recanalization)
31False Labor
34Famotidine; Ibuprofen
35Fareston: Generic Name Toremifene
36Fast-Acting Nitroglycerin
37Febrile Illness, Uncertain Cause (Adult)
38FEBRILE ILLNESS, Uncertain Cause (Child)
39Febrile Seizures
41Fecal Fat
42Fecal Impaction (Child)
43Fecal Impaction (Infant/Toddler)
44Fecal Impaction (Newborn)
45Fecal Impaction, Treated
46Fecal Occult Blood Test
47Feeding Disorder
48Feeding Tube Insertion
49Feeding Tube Replacement
50Feeding Tube Replacement With Foley Catheter
51Female Reproductive Anatomy
52Femara: Generica Name Letrozole
55Fenofibric Acid
58Ferric carboxymaltose
59Ferric Citrate
60Ferritin (Blood)
63Fetal Fibronectin
64Fever Control (Adult)
65Fever Control (Child)
66Fever in Children Older Than 3 Months
67Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium
68Fexofenadine; Pseudoephedrine
69Fibrocystic Breast Changes, Presumed
72Fifth Disease
73Filgrastim, G-CSF
74Financial Information for Living Donors
75Finding Support for Kidney Disease
76Finding Your Ideal Weight
77Finger and Toe Fractures (Broken Finger or Toe)
78Finger Contusion
79Finger Dislocation
80Finger or Toe Contusion (Child)
81Finger Sprain
82Finger Tip Amputation, Open Treatment
84First Aid: Allergic Reactions
85First Aid: Bandaging
86First Aid: Bleeding
87First Aid: Burns
88First Aid: Chemical Exposure
89First Aid: Choking
90First Aid: Cold Exposure
91First Aid: Cuts and Scrapes
92First Aid: Electrical Shocks
93First Aid: Head Injuries
94First Aid: Heart Attacks
95First Aid: Heat Exposure
96First Aid: Poisoning
97First Aid: Punctures
98First Aid: Rescue Breathing
99First Aid: Seizures
100First Aid: Shock
101First Aid: Sprains and Fractures
102Fish Hook Removal
103Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Dietary Supplements)
104Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (FDA-approved)
105Fitting a Hearing Aid
106Fitting Your Cane
107Fitting Your Crutches
108Fitting Your Walker
109Flank Pain, Uncertain Cause
110Flash Burn, Eye
111Flavocoxid, Flavocoxid; Citrated Zinc Bisglycinate
114Flexibility Exercises When You Have Chronic Lung Disease
115Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
117Flossing Crowns, Bridges, and Implants
118Flovent Diskus Inhaler
120Flu Shots for Adults
121Flu Vaccination for Children
125Fluocinolone; Hydroquinone; Tretinoin
127Fluorescein Angiography
129Fluorometholone; Sulfacetamide
130Fluorouracil, 5-FU
131Fluorouracil, 5-FU; Diclofenac
133Fluoxetine; Olanzapine
135Fluphenazine Drug Level (Blood)
138Flushing an IV Catheter
139Flushing the Line with Heparin, Saline or Citrate: Central IV Line Care
140Flushing Your Child’s PICC Line at Home
141Flushing Your PICC Line at Home
143Fluticasone; Salmeterol
144Fluticasone; Vilanterol
148Folbalin Plus
149Foley Catheter Removal
150Foley Catheter, Care
152Folic Acid (Folate) Supplements
153Folic Acid and Birth Defects
154Folic Acid, Vitamin B9
155Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
157Folliculitis (Child)
158Folliculitis [Infant]
159Folliculitis [Neonate]
160Follitropin, r-FSH
161Follow-up Appointment After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)
164Food Allergy
165Food Poisoning (Adult)
166Food Poisoning (Child)
167Food Poisoning (Infant/Toddler)
168Food Poisoning or Gastroenteritis (6y-Adult)
169Food Sensitivity, Intolerance
170Foodborne Illness (Food Poisoning)
171Foot and Ankle Exercises: Ankle Circles
172Foot and Ankle Exercises: Single-Leg Heel Raise
173Foot Care for People with Diabetes
174Foot Care for Your Child
175Foot Contusion
176Foot Contusion (Child)
177Foot Drop
178Foot Fracture (Child)
179Foot Sprain
180Foot Surgery: Bone Spurs
181Foot Surgery: Bunions
182Foot Surgery: Curled Fifth Toe
183Foot Surgery: Degenerative Joint Disease
184Foot Surgery: Flexible and Rigid Hammertoes
185Foot Surgery: Neuroma or Plantar Callus
186Foot Surgery: Plantar Fascia Problems
187Foot Surgery: Surgical Settings
188For Boys: Deciding About Sex
189For Caregivers: Coping Tips
190For Caregivers: Daily Care for Dementia Patients
191For Caregivers: Future Planning for Persons with Dementia
192For Caregivers: Preventing Another Stroke
193For Caregivers: Regaining Movement After Stroke
194For Caregivers: Safety Tips for Dementia Patients
195For Caregivers: Self-Care After Stroke
196For Caregivers: Swallowing Problems After Stroke
197For Girls: About Sanitary Pads and Tampons
198For Girls: Answers to Questions About Periods
199For Girls: Deciding About Sex
200For Girls: Getting to Know Your Body
201For Girls: Understanding Puberty
202For Kids Ages 12 to 17: Dealing with Diabetes
203For Kids Ages 9 to 11: Dealing with Diabetes
204For Kids: Asthma Action Plan
205For Kids: Asthma and Exercise
206For Kids: Asthma and Exercise Fun Sheet
207For Kids: Asthma Symptoms and Triggers
208For Kids: Avoiding Your Asthma Triggers
209For Kids: Controlling Asthma Triggers
210For Kids: Finding Your Asthma Triggers
211For Kids: Food Facts When You Have Type 1 Diabetes
212For Kids: Help Others Understand Asthma
213For Kids: High Blood Sugar
214For Kids: Know Your Asthma Zones
215For Kids: Low Blood Sugar
216For Kids: Maintaining a Healthy Weight
217For Kids: Taking Your Insulin
218For Kids: What is Asthma?
219For New Mothers: Staying Fit After Delivery
220For Parents: Animal Safety
221For Parents: Diabetes Care (11 to 17 years)
222For Parents: Diabetes Care (3 to 5 years)
223For Parents: Diabetes Care (6 to 10 years)
224For Parents: Diabetes Care (Newborn to 2 years)
225For Parents: Gun Safety
226For Parents: Gun Safety Checklist
227For Parents: Helmet Safety Checklist
228For Parents: Helping Your Teen Be Active
229For Parents: Helping Your Teen Eat Healthy
230For Parents: Making Your Home Safe
231For Parents: Shopping for Healthy Foods for Your Child
232For Parents: Water Safety
233For Parents: Your Child’s Peak Flow Monitoring
234For Teens: Birth Control Options
235For Teens: Get Checked for STDs
236For Teens: Get the Facts About STDs
237For Teens: How to Use a Male Condom
238For Teens: Know the Risks of Alcohol
239For Teens: Know the Risks of Smoking
240For Teens: Understand the Cycle of Addiction
241For Teens: Understanding Chlamydia
242For Teens: Understanding Gonorrhea
243For Teens: Understanding Hepatitis
244For Teens: Understanding Herpes
245For Teens: Understanding HIV/AIDS
246For Teens: Understanding HPV and Genital Warts
247For Teens: Understanding Syphilis
248For Teens: Understanding Vaginitis
249For Teens: What to Know About STDs
250For Teens: What You Should Know About Chlamydia
251For Teens: What You Should Know About Genital Warts
252For Teens: What You Should Know About HIV and AIDS
253For Teens: What You Should Know About Smoking
254For Women: Deciding About Hormone Therapy (HT)
255Foreign Body, Ear Canal (Removed)
256Foreign Body, Soft Tissue (Not Removed)
257Foreign Body, Soft Tissue (Removed)
258Foreign Object in the Cornea
259Foreign Object in the Ear or Nose
260Foreign Object in the Nose, Removed (Child)
261Foreskin Care
263Formoterol; Mometasone
264Formula Feeding a Premature Infant
269Fosinopril; Hydrochlorothiazide, HCTZ
271Fracture, Clavicle
272Fracture, Clavicle (Child)
273Fracture, Clavicle (Infant/Toddler)
274Fracture, Clavicle (Newborn)
275Fracture, Elbow (Infant/Toddler)
276Fracture, Finger, Closed
277Fracture, Finger, Closed (Child)
278Fracture, Finger, Closed (Infant/Toddler)
279Fracture, Finger, Closed (Newborn)
280Fracture, Finger, Open
281Fracture, Finger, Open (Infant/Toddler)
282Fracture, Finger, Open (Newborn)
283Fracture, Foot
284Fracture, Foot (Infant/Toddler)
285Fracture, Hand, Closed (Infant/Toddler)
286Fracture, Hand, Closed (Neonate)
287Fracture, Hand, Open (Infant/Toddler)
288Fracture, Knee
289Fracture, Lower Extremity
290Fracture, Lower Extremity (Infant/Toddler)
291Fracture, Patella (Infant/Toddler)
292Fracture, Shoulder
293Fracture, Shoulder (Child)
294Fracture, Shoulder (Infant/Toddler)
295Fracture, Thumb
296Fracture, Thumb (Infant/Toddler)
297Fracture, Toe, Closed
298Fracture, Toe, Open
299Fracture, Toe, Open (Infant/Toddler)
300Fracture, Toe, Open (Newborn)
301Fracture, Torus, Upper Extremity (Infant/Toddler)
302Fracture, Torus, Upper Extremity (Neonate)
303Fracture, Upper Extremity
304Fracture, Upper Extremity (Infant/Toddler)
305Fracture, Vertebral Compression
306Fracture, Wrist (Infant/Toddler)
307Fracture, Wrist, General
308Fractured Nose or Contusion, No X-Ray
309Fractures In Children
310Fragile X Syndrome (Amniotic Fluid)
311Free and Bound T4
312Free and Bound Triiodothyronine (Blood)
313Free Androgen Index
314Free Light Chains (Blood)
315Free T4
316Free Testosterone
317Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Quiz
321Frozen Shoulder
322Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)
323Full Liquid Diet
325Fungal Skin Infection (Tinea)
326Fungal Skin Infection (Tinea) (Child)
327Fungal Skin Infection [Infant]
328Fungal Skin Infection [Neonate]
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