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Physical Therapy/Rehab Exercises


ID Article
1"Reaching Up" for Shoulder Flexibility
2ACL Rehabilitation: Knee Flexion
3ACL Rehabilitation: Leg Press
4ACL Rehabilitation: Stationary Bike
5ACL Rehabilitation: Straight Leg Raises
6Back Exercises: Abdominal Lift
7Back Exercises: Arm Reach
8Back Exercises: Back Extension with Elbow Press
9Back Exercises: Back Press
10Back Exercises: Back Release
11Back Exercises: Bridge
12Back Exercises: Hip Lift
13Back Exercises: Hip Rotator Stretch
14Back Exercises: Knee Lift
15Back Exercises: Leg Pull
16Back Exercises: Leg Reach
17Back Exercises: Lower Back Rotation
18Back Exercises: Lower Back Stretch
19Back Exercises: Partial Curl-Ups
20Back Exercises: Pelvic Tilt
21Back Exercises: Seated Rotation
22Back Exercises: Side Stretch
23Bent-Knee Calf Stretch
24Chest Exercises
25Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Adduction (Reaching Across)
26Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Back Scratch
27Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Broom Stretch
28Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: External Rotation
29Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Internal Rotation
30Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Pendulum Exercise
31Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Wall Walk
32Exercises to Increase Agility: Cross Steps
33Exercises to Increase Agility: Figure 8s
34Exercises to Increase Agility: Short Sprints
35Exercises to Increase Agility: Side Steps
36Exercises to Prevent Falls
37Foot and Ankle Exercises: Ankle Circles
38Foot and Ankle Exercises: Single-Leg Heel Raise
39Hamstring Curl After Injury
40Hamstring Curl for ACL Healing
41Hamstring Curls
42Hamstring Stretch
43Hamstring Stretch (with Towel)
44Hand and Wrist Exercises: Finger Grip and Release
45Hand and Wrist Exercises: Forearm Roll
46Hand and Wrist Exercises: Wrist Flexion
47Knee Rehabilitation: Free Squat
48Knee Rehabilitation: Heel Raise
49Leg and Knee Exercises: Heel Raise
50Leg and Knee Exercises: Hip Pulls
51Leg and Knee Exercises: Leg Lunge
52Leg and Knee Exercises: Leg Press
53Leg and Knee Exercises: Leg Raise
54Leg and Knee Exercises: Step-Ups
55Leg Muscle Stretches: Knee Flexion
56Lower Body Exercises: Calf Stretch
57Lower Body Exercises: Hip Flexor
58Lower Body Exercises: Quad Stretch
59Neck Exercises: Active Neck Rotation
60Neck Exercises: Arm Lift
61Neck Exercises: Head Clock
62Neck Exercises: Head Lifts
63Neck Exercises: Neck and Torso Rotation
64Neck Exercises: Neck Flex
65Neck Exercises: Neck Glide
66Neck Exercises: Neck Isometrics
67Neck Exercises: Passive Neck Rotation
68Protecting Your Neck: Posture and Body Mechanics
69Quad Set for Leg and Knee
70Quad Sets for ACL Healing
71Reach and Hold Exercise
72Seated Hamstring Stretch
73Shoulder and Upper Back Stretch
74Shoulder Clock Exercise
75Shoulder Exercises: Biceps Curl
76Shoulder Exercises: External Rotation
77Shoulder Exercises: Internal Rotation
78Shoulder Exercises: Shoulder Press
79Shoulder Exercises: Side Raise
80Shoulder Exercises: Triceps Press
81Shoulder Exercises: Wall Pushup
82Shoulder Girdle Stretch
83Shoulder Isometric Exercises
84Shoulder Shrug Exercise
85Shoulder Squeeze Exercise
86Upper Body Exercises: Chest Press
87Upper Body Exercises: Front Raise
88Upper Body Exercises: Upright Row
89Wall Squats
90Wall Squats for ACL Healing

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