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1"Reaching Up" for Shoulder Flexibility
2Achilles Tendon Rupture
3ACL Rehabilitation: Knee Flexion
4ACL Rehabilitation: Stationary Bike
5Activity and ACL Rehabilitation
6Adjusting to Limb Loss
7After a Hip Fracture: Common Questions
8After Ankle Arthroscopy
9After Back Surgery: Going Home
10After Back Surgery: More Tips for Daily Living
11After Back Surgery: Tips for Daily Living
12After Back Surgery: Your Hospital Recovery
13After Elbow Arthroscopy
14After Hand Surgery
15After Hip Replacement: Continuing with Hospital Recovery
16After Hip Replacement: Home Safety
17After Hip Replacement: Recovering in the Hospital
18After Knee Arthroscopy
19After Knee Arthroscopy: Recovering from Surgery
20After Knee Replacement: Back at Home
21After Knee Replacement: Controlling Swelling
22After Knee Replacement: Hospital Recovery
23After Knee Replacement: Keeping Your Knee Healthy
24After Knee Replacement: Right After Surgery
25After Knee Replacement: The First Month
26After Leg Amputation: Keeping Your Other Leg Healthy
27After Shoulder Arthroscopy
28After Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Back in the Swing
29After Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Your Home Recovery
30After Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Your Hospital Recovery
31After Shoulder Surgery (SLAP Repair or Bankart Repair)
32After Total Hip Replacement: Recovering at Home
33After Total Hip Replacement: Returning to Activity
34After Wrist Arthroscopy
35Anatomy of a Normal Spine
36Ankle Arthroscopy: Conditions Treated
39Back Basics: A Healthy Spine
40Back Exercises: Back Extension with Elbow Press
41Back Exercises: Back Press
42Back Exercises: Bridge
43Back Exercises: Lower Back Rotation
44Back Exercises: Pelvic Tilt
45Back Exercises: Seated Rotation
46Back Exercises: Side Stretch
47Back Fracture (Compression Fracture)
48Back Health After Surgery
49Back Safety: Basics of Good Posture
50Back Safety: Bending
51Back Safety: Getting Into and Out of Bed
52Back Safety: Lifting
53Back Safety: Poor Posture Hurts
54Back Safety: Pushing and Pulling
55Back Safety: Sitting
56Back Safety: Sleeping Positions
57Back Safety: Standing
58Back Safety: Turning
59Bankart Lesion of the Shoulder Joint
60Bathroom Safety After Surgery
61Before Arthroscopy
62Before Total Hip Replacement: Preparing for Your Recovery
63Before Total Hip Replacement: Your Conditioning Program
64Bone Density Study
65Bone Scan
66Bone X-ray
67Broken Bones: A Note About Children
68Caring for Your Back Throughout the Day
69Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
70Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention Tips
71Cast Care
72Cast Care for Kids
73Cast Care: Types of Casts and Cast Aids
74Cast Care: When Your Cast Comes Off
75Cast Care: Why You Need a Cast
76Causes of Lumbar (Low Back) Pain
77Cervical Epidural Injection
78Cervical Epidural Injection: Your Experience
79Cervical Spine Problems: Disk
80Chest Exercises
81Chiropractic Care
82Common Kneecap (Patella) Problems
83Common Spine and Disk Problems
84Conditioning Before Knee Replacement
85Cortisone Injections
86Discharge Instructions for Foot Surgery
87Discogram: After the Test
88Discogram: During the Test
89Dislocations (Shoulder, Jaw, Elbow, Finger)
90During Cervical Disk Surgery
91Elbow Arthroscopy: Conditions Treated
92Electrothermal Catheter Therapy: After the Procedure
93Electrothermal Catheter Therapy: During the Procedure
94Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy (EPF)
95Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy (EPF): After Surgery
96Evaluating Kneecap (Patella) Problems
97Exercise After Knee Replacement Surgery
98Exercises Before Hip Replacement: To Help with Walker or Crutch Use
99Exercises Before Knee Replacement: Help with Walker or Crutch Use
100Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Broom Stretch
101Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Internal Rotation
102Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Pendulum Exercise
103Exercises to Increase Agility: Figure 8s
104Facet Joint Injection
105Facet Joint Injection: Your Experience
106Facial Fracture
107Finger and Toe Fractures (Broken Finger or Toe)
108Fitting Your Cane
109Fitting Your Crutches
110Fitting Your Walker
111Foot and Ankle Exercises: Ankle Circles
112Foot Surgery: Bone Spurs
113Foot Surgery: Bunions
114Foot Surgery: Curled Fifth Toe
115Foot Surgery: Degenerative Joint Disease
116Foot Surgery: Flexible and Rigid Hammertoes
117Foot Surgery: Neuroma or Plantar Callus
118Foot Surgery: Plantar Fascia Problems
119Foot Surgery: Surgical Settings
120Ganglion Cyst: Foot
121Ganglion Cyst: Hand
122Getting Ready for Hip Replacement Surgery
123Getting Ready for Knee Replacement and Your Recovery
124Hamstring Curl for ACL Healing
125Hand and Wrist Exercises: Finger Grip and Release
126Having a Discogram
127Hip Arthroscopy: After Surgery
128Hip Arthroscopy: Before Surgery
129Hip Arthroscopy: Removing Loose Bodies
130Hip Arthroscopy: Repairing Chondral Damage
131Hip Arthroscopy: Repairing Femoroacetabular Impingement
132Hip Arthroscopy: Repairing Labral Tears
133Hip Arthroscopy: Repairing Synovitis and Arthritis
134Hip Fracture Surgery: Hospital Recovery
135Hip Fracture Surgery: Preparation
136Hip Fracture Surgery: Recovering at Home
137Hip Fracture Surgery: Types
138Hip Precautions
139Hip Safety: Dressing
140Hip Safety: Getting Into and Out of a Car
141Hip Safety: Getting Into and Out of Bed
142Hip Safety: Mastering Daily Tasks
143Hip Safety: Sitting
144Hip Safety: Sleeping Positions
145Hip Safety: Using the Toilet
146Home Safety After Joint Surgery
147How Bones Heal
148How Electrothermal Catheter Therapy Works
149How Your Back Works
150How Your Hip Works
151How Your Knee Works
152Increasing Your Knee's Range of Motion
153Intimacy After Joint Replacement
154Knee Arthroscopy
155Knee Arthroscopy: Conditions Treated
156Kneecap Surgery: Cartilage Removal
157Kneecap Surgery: Realignment
158Know Your Neck: The Cervical Spine
162Learning to Use a Prosthesis
163Leg and Knee Exercises: Hip Pulls
164Leg and Knee Exercises: Leg Lunge
165Leg and Knee Exercises: Step-Ups
166Leg Muscle Stretches: Knee Flexion
167Leg or Arm Fractures
168Living with Osteoarthritis
169Living with Osteoporosis: Preventing Fractures
170Living with Osteoporosis: Regular Exercise
171Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis
172Lower Body Exercises: Calf Stretch
173Lower Body Strengthening After Amputation
174Lumbar Epidural Injection: Recovery at Home
175Lumbar Epidural Injection: Your Procedure
176Managing Pain After Amputation Surgery
177Medial Branch Neurotomy
178Medial Branch Neurotomy: Your Experience
181Neck Exercises: Head Lifts
182Neck Exercises: Neck and Torso Rotation
183Neck Exercises: Neck Flex
184Neck Exercises: Neck Glide
185Neck or Spine Fractures (Broken Neck or Spine)
186Neck Problems: Relieving Your Symptoms
187Nonsurgical Treatment of Cervical Spine Problems
188Nonsurgical Treatment Options for Shoulder Impingement
189Osteoarthritis Medication
190Osteoarthritis: Common Sites
191Osteoarthritis: Coping with Pain
192Osteoarthritis: Exercise
193Osteoarthritis: Injections or Surgery
194Osteoarthritis: Natural and Alternative Treatments
195Osteoarthritis: Protecting Your Joints
196Osteoporosis Medications: Bisphosphonates
197Osteoporosis Medications: Hormones, SERMs, and Calcitonin
198Osteoporosis: Screening for Bone Loss
199Osteoporosis: Understanding Bone Loss
200Parts of a Foot
201Parts of a Hand
202Parts of the Shoulder
203Phantom Sensation and Phantom Pain After Amputation
204Planning for Cervical Disk Surgery
205Possible Causes of Low Back or Leg Pain
206Post-Hip Replacement: Ankle Pumps, Quad Sets, Gluteal Sets
207Post-Hip Replacement: Heel Slides, Abduction, Adduction
208Post-Op Tips: Back
209Post-Op Tips: Foot
210Post-Op Tips: Knee
211Pre-Hip Replacement Exercises for the Legs
212Pre-Hip Replacement: Ankle Pumps, Quad Sets, Leg Raises
213Pre-Knee Replacement: Ankle Pumps, Quad Sets, Leg Raises
214Pre-Knee Replacement: Knee Bends/Extensions, Heel Slides
215Preparing for Back Surgery
216Preparing for Electrothermal Catheter Therapy
217Preparing Your Residual Limb for a Prosthesis
218Preventing Falls: Moving Safely Out of a Chair and Bed
219Preventing Falls: Moving Safely Outside
220Preventing Falls: Moving Safely Using a Cane or Walker
221Preventing Osteoporosis: Avoiding Bone Loss
222Preventing Osteoporosis: Meeting Your Calcium Needs
223Preventing Osteoporosis: Staying Active
224Preventing Repetitive Motion Injury: Shoulder
225Protecting Your Foot After Foot Surgery
226Protecting Your Neck: Posture and Body Mechanics
227Quad Set for Leg and Knee
228Quad Sets for ACL Healing
230Radial Head Subluxation (Pulled Elbow, Nursemaid's Elbow)
231Recovering from Cervical Disk Surgery
232Recovering from Laminectomy or Laminotomy
233Reducing Knee Pain and Swelling
234Rehabilitation for Kneecap (Patella) Problems
235Relieving Back Pain
236Relieving Tension in Your Back
237Rib Fracture (Broken Rib)
238Self-Care for Low Back Pain
239Self-Care for Strains and Sprains
240Sex Positions After Joint Replacement
241Shin Splints
242Shoulder Arthroscopy
243Shoulder Arthroscopy: Conditions Treated
244Shoulder Blade or Collarbone Fracture
245Shoulder Clock Exercise
246Shoulder Exercises: Internal Rotation
247Shoulder Exercises: Wall Pushup
248Shoulder Isometric Exercises
249Shoulder Joint Surgery: Bankart Repair
250Shoulder Joint Surgery: SLAP Repair
251Shoulder Problems
252SLAP Lesion of the Shoulder Joint
253Spinal Cord Stimulation
254Spinal Cord Stimulation: Your Experience
255Spinal Fusion
256Spinal Fusion: Anterior Lumbar
257Spinal Fusion: Cervical
258Spinal Fusion: Posterior Lumbar
259Spinal Fusion: Recovery
260Spinal Fusion: Understanding Bone Graft
261Stress Fracture
262Surgery for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury
263Surgery for Shoulder Impingement
264Surgery for Shoulder Impingement: Your Experience
265Sympathetic Nerve Block
266Sympathetic Nerve Block: Your Experience
267Tailbone (Coccyx) Fracture
268Taking Care of Your Residual Limb
269The Kneecap (Patella) and Knee Joint
270The Kneecap (Patella) in Action
271The Shoulder Joint
272Thermal Shrinkage for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair
273Thermal Shrinkage of the Shoulder Capsule
274Torticollis (Wry Neck)
275Total Hip Replacement
276Total Knee Replacement
277Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery
278Transfers After Leg Amputation
279Treating Ankle Fractures
280Treating Ankle Sprains
281Treating Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries
282Treating Arthritis in the Foot
283Treating Basal Joint Arthritis
284Treating Bunions
285Treating Charcot Foot
286Treating De Quervain Tenosynovitis
287Treating Dupuytren Contracture
288Treating Flexor Tendon Lacerations
289Treating Frozen Shoulder: Exercises
290Treating Frozen Shoulder: Medical Treatment
291Treating Ganglia
292Treating Gout Attacks
293Treating Hand Fractures
294Treating Mallet, Hammer, and Claw Toes
295Treating Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Problems
296Treating Meniscus Problems
297Treating Metatarsalgia
298Treating Osgood-Schlatter Disease
299Treating Plantar Fasciitis
300Treating Pressure Ulcers of the Foot
301Treating Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
302Treating Scoliosis
303Treating Tendonitis of the Foot
304Treating Tennis Elbow
305Treating Trigger Finger
306Treating Wrist Fractures
307Treating Strains and Sprains
308Trigger Point Injection
309Trigger Point Injection: Your Experience
310Types of Lumbar Disk Surgery
311Understanding Frozen Shoulder
312Understanding Heel Pain
313Understanding Hip Fractures
314Understanding Hip Replacement
315Understanding Knee Replacement
316Understanding Leg Amputation: Surgery After Injury
317Understanding Leg Amputation: Surgery for a Medical Condition
318Understanding Neck Problems
319Understanding Osgood-Schlatter Disease
320Understanding Osgood-Schlatter Disease: Anatomy
321Understanding Osteoarthritis
322Understanding Rotator Cuff Injuries
323Understanding Sciatica
324Understanding Scoliosis
325Understanding Shoulder Instability
326Upper Body Exercises: Front Raise
327Upper Body Exercises: Upright Row
328Upper Body Strengthening After Amputation
329Using a Cane
330Using a Cane with Your Prosthesis
331Using a Walker
332Using a Walker after Amputation
333Using Crutches After Lower Limb Amputation
334Using Crutches: Non-Weight-Bearing
335Using Crutches: Sitting, Standing, Through Doors
336Using Crutches: Up and Down Steps
337Using Crutches: Weight-Bearing
339Walkers: Bathing
340Walkers: Cars
341Walkers: Chairs
342Walkers: Going Through Doors
343Walkers: Stairs and Steps
344Walkers: Up and Down Curbs
345Wall Squats for ACL Healing
346Wearing Proper Shoes
347What Are Ankle Sprains?
348What Are Bunions?
349What Are Mallet, Hammer, and Claw Toes?
350What Are Neuromas of the Foot?
351What Are Pressure Ulcers of the Foot?
352What Is Arthritis in the Foot?
353What is Arthritis?
354What Is Basal Joint Arthritis?
355What is Bursitis?
356What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)?
357What is Charcot Foot?
358What is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?
359What is De Quervain Tenosynovitis?
360What is Dupuytren's Contracture?
361What Is Gout?
362What Is Impingement Syndrome?
363What is Lumbar Epidural Injection?
364What is Lumbar Microsurgery?
365What is Metatarsalgia?
366What Is Osteoarthritis?
367What Is Osteoporosis?
368What Is Plantar Fasciitis?
369What is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy?
370What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?
371What is Tendinitis of the Foot?
372What is Tennis Elbow?
373What Is Trigger Finger?
374What to Expect: The Months After Amputation Surgery
376Wrist Arthroscopy: Conditions Treated
377Your Amputation Surgery
378Your Amputation Team
379Your Neck Muscles
380Your Scoliosis Brace
381Your Scoliosis Evaluation

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