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Weight Management: Overcoming Your Barriers

You may have many reasons why you’re not ready to lose weight. You may not feel you have the time or the skills. You may be afraid of losing weight and gaining it back again. Well, you can lose weight. And you can keep the weight off, if you make changes slowly and stick with them. Remember that you may never find the perfect time to lose weight. Decide that the right time to be healthier is now.

Couple walking with dog. Man is overweight.

Common barriers

Barrier 1: I don’t want to deny myself.

Barrier Buster: You don’t have to! Moderation is the key:

  • Watch portion sizes and know when you're eating more than one serving.

  • Plan to ask for a doggy bag when you eat out.

  • Have just one.

  • Choose lower-fat and lower-calorie versions of your favorites.

  • Use a small plate instead of a normal-sized plate. 

Barrier 2: I lost weight before but I gained it right back.

Barrier Buster: Make this time different:

  • List what worked and didn’t work last time and what you can try this time.

  • Choose changes that you are willing to stick with.

  • Work exercise into your weight-loss plan.

  • Be realistic about what is possible. Your plan has to fit into your life in a balanced way that works for you. 

Barrier 3: I don’t have the time to be active.

Barrier Buster: It takes just a few minutes a day!

  • Be active with a pet or the kids.

  • Block off activity time in your schedule.

  • Borrow some time that you usually spend watching TV.

  • You are too important not to take time to exerciseit is your life! 

Feel good about yourself

Do you eat more because you feel bad about yourself, then feel even worse as you gain weight? This is a “vicious cycle.” Breaking this cycle is not easy. You may need group support or counseling. Always remember that you are a valuable person, no matter what size or shape you are.

Do you have a health problem? If so, don’t use it as an excuse for not losing weight. Ask your healthcare provider or dietitian about methods to lose weight that are safe for you. For example, even if you have severe arthritis, it may be easier for you to exercise in a pool. Get advice from a fitness professional. 


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