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Signs of Addiction to Work (Workaholism)

An addiction is a compulsion or need that controls your life. If you decide you are on the path to addiction to work, you can take action to change your behavior and find caring people to help you.

Check your addiction level

Perhaps you put in long hours at work to get ahead. Many people do. But if you're working more and more, and taking less time for other activities, it can lead to stress and anxiety and threaten your relationships. Read the following statements and check "yes" or "no." Answering "yes" to three or more questions may be a signal that work is taking over your life.




Do you feel your work must be “perfect”?

Do you often work evenings and weekends?

Do you put off taking leisure time?

When you’re not at work, do you talk about it and think about it?

Do you plan vacations that you later cancel because of work?

Do you take work with you, even when you’re on vacation?

Does work keep you from spending time with family and friends?

Do you prefer working to socializing?

Do you feel proud that you don’t take vacations?

Have family and friends begun to complain that they don’t see enough of you?

Do you feel that you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in?

Do you find you get “burned out” at work — tired, unable to concentrate, anxious, and irritable?

Do you prefer work to being home?


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