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Pregnancy: Your Third Trimester Changes

As the baby grows, your body changes too. You may also see signs that your body is getting ready for labor. Be patient. Within a few more weeks, your baby will be born.

Outline of pregnant woman showing the internal organs and fetus inside the womb. How You Are Changing

Your body is preparing for the birth of your baby. Some of the most common changes are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns, ask your health care provider.

  • You’ll gain more weight from fluids, extra blood, and fat deposits.

  • Your breasts will grow as your body gets ready to feed the baby. They may be more tender. You may also notice a slight yellow or white discharge from the nipples.

  • Discharge from your vagina may increase. This is normal.

  • You might see some skin color changes on your forehead, cheeks, or nose. Most of these will go away after you deliver.

How Your Baby Is Growing

Side view of pregnant woman showing baby in womb at month 7.

Month 7

Your baby is about 14 inches long. If born prematurely (too early), your baby would likely survive with special care.

Side view of pregnant woman showing fetus in womb at month 8.

Month 8

Your baby is building up body fat. Baby kicks strongly, but is getting too big to move around much.

Side view of pregnant woman showing fetus in womb at month 9

Month 9

Your baby weighs nearly 7 pounds and is about 18–20 inches long. In other words, any day now...


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