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Your Scoliosis Evaluation

If a school screening or your doctor finds signs of scoliosis, you’ll visit a special bone doctor (orthopaedist) for an evaluation. This visit helps determine what treatment may be best for you now.


During Your Evaluation

Your bone doctor may:

  • Ask you about your medical history (for instance, whether you’ve ever had surgery) and family history (whether someone in your family has scoliosis)

  • Take x-rays of your back to get a closer look at your spine

  • Decide how much more you are likely to grow. (To help do this, the doctor may ask girls whether they’ve gotten their period yet.)

  • Examine your back while you’re standing up and bending over

  • Measure the size, location, and pattern of the spinal curve

  • Test how flexible your spine is, and how strong your back and neck muscles are


Why Treat Scoliosis?

A serious spinal curve that isn’t treated can get worse as you grow. Over time, it may cause problems. These can include:

  • Back pain

  • Arthritis in your back

  • Your body looking twisted

  • Clothes not fitting right

  • Heart and breathing problems (rare)


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