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For Kids: Controlling Asthma Triggers

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Some things make your asthma get worse. They are called triggers. First you have to find out what your triggers are. Then try to stay away from them. It’s OK to ask other people to help you stay away from triggers. You might also need to take medicine every day. This makes triggers bother you less.

Clear the Air

If someone smokes near you, ask them to go outside. Or, you can leave the room. Staying away from smoke will help your lungs feel better. And don’t ever let anyone talk you into smoking.

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Bust That Dust

Keep your books and toys in boxes with lids. Carpets can be full of dust, too. So don’t lie or sleep on them. And if you stay overnight at a friend’s house, take a clean pillow and sleeping bag from home. This can help you sleep better.

Control the Sneeze and Wheeze

Some triggers are caused by pets. If you have a pet, try to keep it out of your room. Also ask your family to wash your pet often. Your fr iends might have pets, too. If you go to their houses, try to play in rooms away from their pets.

Watch the Weather

Cold weather can make your asthma worse. So if it’s cold outside, dress warm. Try wearing a scarf over your nose and mouth. And ask your parents if you need to take medicine before you play outside.

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