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Parts of a Foot

Your foot is made up of soft tissue and bones that work together to form a healthy, functioning, and pain-free foot.

Top view of foot showing muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Nails protect tips of toes. Phalanges are toe bones. Metatarsals are bones between toes and peak of arch. Tarsals are bones under arch. Arch is formed by bones and held in place with ligaments. Joints are meeting points between two bones. They are lined with smooth cartilage which allows joints to move easily. Plantar fascia is sheet of fibrous tissue supporting arch and enclosing muscles there. Calcaneus is heel bone. Talus is one ankle bone. Ligaments are fibrous strands that connect bones. Tendons are tough elastic fibers that connect muscles to bones. Nerves provide feeling. Muscles contract and relax to move foot.


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