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Pinworms [Child]

P inworms are parasites that look like tiny (1/2 " long) white worms that live in the colon and rectum of humans. This is not uncommon among children under the age of ten years.

A child with a pinworm infection will have intense itching around the anus (rectal opening) during the night. This is when pinworms come out of the rectum and lay eggs around the anus. When the child scratches this area, the eggs get under the fingernails. When other children as well as family members have hand-to-hand contact with the infected child, eggs are passed. If you do not wash your hands after contact, the eggs get onto the food that you eat, and then an infection occurs.

Treatment is with two doses of medicine taken two weeks apart. All family members should be treated at the same time , even those without symptoms. This is to be sure all pinworms and eggs among family members are killed at once.

Home Care:

1) Sheets, bedding, underwear, and pajamas should be washed in hot water and then ironed to kill the eggs.

2) Parents and caretakers should wash their hands frequently especially before preparing meals, eating food and after changing or bathing the child with the infection.

3) Trim your child's nails and clean them each morning until the anal itching stops.

4) If your child is old enough, teach him/her to wash his/her hands before eating and after using the toilet.

Follow Up

with your doctor as advised to be sure the infection has cleared after treatment.

Get Prompt Medical Attention

if any of the following occur:

-- Abdominal pain

-- Increasing redness, drainage of fluid or crusty scabs around the anus

-- Continued itching around the anus after finishing the second dose of the medicine


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